Sources of Error

Although the results favored meditation as the most effective method of calming a player's heart rate, the best technique remains a personal preference. True validity can only be attained according to the needs of the individual. Nevertheless, experimental/data recording errors may have occurred in the following areas: The methods that were applied due to their nature (dependent upon the player's will to follow instructions) were not adhered to properly. In recording the temperature measurements, the random breezes and the outside temperature might have tainted the results. Also, during the relaxation music technique, the player's rush to place the headphones on top of the helmet, compounded by the frequency of the music (whereas it might have been higher than the lowest, most effective tones) might have affected the results. During the warm-up jog, the batter's pace changed constantly; thus, the maximum heart rate and temperature measurements might not have been equal in each run giving some methods a smaller variation than others, which in the interpretation of results made one method appear less favorable than the next. Another possible error concerning interpretation of data might have involved the EKG readings. Furthermore, the numerous chords and sensors may have interfered with the player's ability to employ each method fast enough, leaving a certain period of time during the beginning part of the application period misleading.