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L. Garcia, Computer Instructor
Spring, 2004

Developing Multimedia Instructional Products
(3 Units)

Prerequisite: SED 514 or permission of instructor.

Description: Design and development of multimedia projects for secondary school instruction using a variety of hardware and software tools. Review and analysis of research on the use of multimedia computer-based technology in secondary school instruction.

Conceptual Framework:

College of Education
California State University, Northridge

The College of Education as a professional school uses a developmental approach to promote reflection, critical thinking, and excellence in an inclusive learning community. Its graduates are well educated, highly skilled, and caring persons who are lifelong learners prepared to practice in an ever changing, multicultural world. They are committed to promoting achievement of all students as a primary measure of successful educational practice. Graduates assume service and leadership roles in public and private educational, health, and social programs and institutions. The College establishes and maintains productive partnerships with community schools and agencies. The faculty is committed to excellence in teaching, scholarship, service, and collaboration with the community and professions. The values for faculty and students that form the foundation of this Conceptual Framework include the following:

  1. We value high standards in the acquisition and application of professional knowledge and skills in subject matter, pedagogy, and technology.
  2. We value the achievement of students at all levels and promote its accomplishment in accordance with national, state, and institutional standards.
  3. We value an inclusive learning community.
  4. We value creative, critical, and reflective thinking and practice.
  5. We value ethical practice by caring professionals.

Course Outline: During the semester, students will be introduced to many of the components and programs used in deriving a multimedia presentation designed for secondary education instruction. Students will use these tools to create a variety of multimedia presentations. Students will learn file formats and extensions, sound, MP3, "ripping" and "burning" CD’s, text and graphics, animation, transitions, digital photography, digital video, hypertext and much more.

Since all students enter this class with a variety of skills and proficiencies, assignments will be given with the intention of establishing the rudimentary skills of working with multimedia. If a student has already developed these skills, an attempt to assign special projects will be made to stimulate growth.

Classes will convey information in a variety of methods, but will emphasize hands on experience. Students will be given instruction and expected to learn through interaction with computers. Weekly projects will be given to the students that will foster the development of computer skills necessary to create a multimedia presentation.

Regular attendance will be necessary to complete the assigned projects. If a student anticipates being absent, the instructor should be notified as early as possible so as to make special arrangements for the completion of the assignments.


  • Midterm

Midterm on hardware and software topics

  • Software Reviews**

Three software reviews of multimedia freeware or shareware

  • Case Studies**

Report on 3 multimedia case studies that can be applied to your school

  • Projects and Assignments
    • Production of an Audio CD**
    • Production of a Data CD (ISO 9660)
    • Production of a MP3 CD
    • Encode/Decode audio formats**
    • Encode/Decode graphic formats**
    • Encode/Decode video formats**
    • CD Label and Jewel Case**
    • Sound Effects
    • Recording Sound and Music
    • Dreamweaver Multiple Event Rollover*
    • Dreamweaver Template
    • Animated GIF with Fireworks*
    • Digital Photography**
    • Digital Photographic Print on glossy paper*
    • PDF Document's
    • Production of a PowerPoint Instructional Presentation**
    • Production of an Instructional, Interactive Macromedia Flash Movie*
    • Production of an Instructional DVD**
    • Collection of Multimedia Freeware, Shareware and Commercial Software Resources for MAC and Windows--Class Project*
  • Final Project**

Creation of a multimedia product that utilizes the concepts learned in this course

  • Grades

A: Post 3 software reviews/downloads to our discussion group by due dates; Report on 3 multimedia case studies by due dates; complete all projects with single AND double asterisks; complete the final project.

B: Post 3 software reviews/downloads to our discussion group by due dates; Report on 3 multimedia case studies by due dates; complete all projects with double asterisks; complete the final project.

C: Anything less than what is required for a B grade.


Hardware Topics




Sound and Video Cards


AV Cards

SCSI Cards

SCSI Devices



SCSI vs. Firewire

USB vs. Serial


CD Burners vs. Removable Drives

Slide and Flatbed Scanners

Video Cameras

Digital Cameras

Smart Media vs. Compact Flash

Digital Video Recorders


VHS Recorders

TV Mirror vs. Projectors

Computer Cables


Storage Media

Bandwidth and Multimedia


Proxy Servers

Streaming Audio and Video Servers

Software Topics

File Backups and the Trouble You Can Get Into with Drives and Servers

Music and MP3

Sound Files

Vectors and Bitmaps

Graphic Files

Resolution and Color


Web-Safe Colors

Compression and File Size



Video Files

File Extensions

Sharing Files between MAC and Windows

MacOpener vs. MacLink Plus

Web Pages

Storyboards and the Audience

Screen Resolution and Color Settings



FTP and Geocities


Educational Versions and Licensing

Keeping Current with Updates and Drivers

Getting Support

Copyright, Liability and Protecting Students' Privacy

Operating Systems: MAC or Windows?

MAC Extensions vs. Windows Registry



Software Demonstrations





Mpecker Encoder





Windows Media Player




Free VCD



Video Player

Apple DV



Spin Panorama

Spin PhotoObject

Strata 3D





Disc Burner



Required Materials

  • Macromedia Studio MX ($184.95)
  • USB Storage Device
  • Blank CD-R
  • Blank DVD-R
  • Headphones
  • Inch/cm Ruler
  • DV Camera (optional)

Required Periodicals

Recommended Texts and Periodicals

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