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Work with a group in he same discipline to make a--short--instructional video on a concept within your subject. The instructional video must incorporate high resolution photographs, as well as DV (from a DV camera). You must also import at least one video (see acceptable formats) from the Internet. The video must fully explain the concept. You can use your own or one of the video cameras in the room. Storyboard the dv clips before you begin shooting. The clips should be fairly short so you don't eat up memory--get to the point! Use iMovie to assemble the clips and photos, and save your project in a folder called instructional_video. Backup the folder on a CD-R or DVD-R

Include titles, transitions, and sound.

Finally, you must export the movie to make a DVD using iDVD. When you are done, your group will present it to the class on a DVD player. Easy!!!

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