Save all of your work on your disk in a folder which has the same name as your account (example: lg48405).

Use Telnet to create a directory and set the permissions:

At the prompts, type in your account (login) and password--hit return each time.

You can see your files and directories by typing ll and the return key.

If you are using OS X, you can use Terminal (in applications/utilities):

Allowing remote terminal access to a computer
(from MAC OS HELP)

Now you can use an SSH client to log in from another computer.

For example, if your user name is steve and your computer's IP address is, you can open Terminal on another Mac OS X computer and type:

ssh -l steve

Type "man ssh" at a Terminal shell prompt for more information.

So for CSUN, type:

ssh -l youraccountnumber

You will be prompted for your password!

Now create a directory for your files. Here is an example of how Telnet should look:

Then, upload your files to your CSUN account in the public_html directory using FTP:

PUT the entire contents of your root directory.

Reminder: each time you add files to public_html, you can set the permissions for all the new files all at once with the following command in Telnet:

chmod -R 755 public_html

Basic Unix Commands

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