Detailed Rollover and template Instructions

You will make a 600 pixel wide navigation bar using Macromedia Fireworks "Multiple Rollover Tutorial." Include the following:

Make a directory like the example below:

Save your png graphic in the header_png directory before proceeding with rollovers.

Place your logo in the navigation bar.

Export for Dreamweaver 4.

Using Dreamweaver, do the following:

Open a new site called Web Page Project. Select the directory you made as the root directory.

Open a new file.

"Lock" your navigation bar within the top row of a 600 pixel wide table (1 column by 3 rows).

Type the same links in the bottom row using all caps separated by vertical lines. Include a copyright.

Save your page as a Template and mark the center row as editable. SAVE.


Copyright ©2003 L Garcia