Print Center Error -30891 with non-PostScript printer in FreeHand 10

Product: FreeHand
Platform: Mac OS X
Versions: 10.0
ID: 16530

When FreeHand 10 prints to a non-PostScript printer on Macintosh OS X, the Print Center is giving a print error -30891.

FreeHand is unable to make the switch from a PostScript to a non-PostScript printer.
This problem can occur with the following print settings:
> A non-PostScript printer is selected in the FreeHand Print dialog.

In the Page Setup window accessed from FreeHand, the paper size is defined as Other. This may also generate another error that the entire image will not fit on page.

When printing to a non-PostScript printer, FreeHand requires that you define the printer as the default printer in the Print Center and define a paper size in Page Setup in FreeHand.

To define a default printer and paper size do the following:

Print Center - Defining a default printer

1 Locate the Applications folder in OS X and choose Utilities > Print Center.
2 Select the desired non-PostScript printer from the Printer list.

Note: The currently selected or default printer will have the bullet to the left of the name.
3 Choose Printers > Make Default.

FreeHand - Defining a paper size in the Page Setup

1 Launch FreeHand and open a document.
2 Choose File > Page Setup.

Select the proper size paper from the Paper Size pop-up menu.

Note: You may need to also specify the printer in the Format pop-up menu.

4 Choose File > Print.

Additional information
There is an easy way to have the printer information in the Page Setup of FreeHand set as the default. Just change the settings once and save as a custom FreeHand Template. Type in the name of the custom template in the New document template in the FreeHand preferences.

To create a new custom default template do the following:

Launch FreeHand and choose File > New.


Choose File > Page Setup and select the proper size paper from the Paper Size pop-up menu.


Choose the non-PostScript printer from the Format pop-up menu.


Make any other desired changes to be included in the new default file.

Note: This is also an excellent way to have a custom color library, unit of measurement, font size, and other features defined in all future new documents.

5 Choose File > Save as.
6 Navigate to the English folder located in the Macromedia FreeHand 10 folder.
7 Name the file (for example:page size defaults).
8 At the bottom of the Save dialog select Template from the Format pop-up menu.

Click Save.

10 Choose FreeHand > Preferences and select the Document Category.
11 Type the name for the custom default template (for example:page size defaults) and click OK.
12 Quit FreeHand. If the reminder window to review unsaved documents appears, click Quit Anyway.

Launch FreeHand and choose File > New. Check to see if the new defaults are set.

Note: To go back to the original FreeHand Defaults for new files, just type FreeHand defaults in the Document category of the FreeHand preferences. Be sure to quit FreeHand and launch the application. A new document will now have the original FreeHand defaults.

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