Using FreeHand, create a 4.25" X 5.5" name tag to put in front of you on the CPU. You should copy and paste it, then rotate it so that it will be visible from both sides of the paper when folded in half.

Save your work as "nametag" on your Zip in a folder called nametag and then print your name tag. Print it on the laser printer.

Create a Logo in Fireworks that you will use on your audio CD, as well as your educational website (we will "kill two birds with one stone"). KEEP IT SIMPLE. Keep in mind the dimensions of the CD when creating your logo (4 .625" diameter). Also, keep in mind that you may be adding bitmap graphics (Photoshop, etc.) with the logo for your finished CD label. You can use the logo you create later for your Website. Save the logo on your zip as "logo.png" in a folder called logo.


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