See an assignment example

Read three case studies from Syllabus Magazine and write a one to two page (double spaced) essay on each that discusses the viability of the use of such technology at your school. Save as web page.

Here are some guidelines:

  • Describe the use of technology in the case study.
  • Discuss how the technology could be funded at your school.
  • Discuss how the technology will be used in the classroom to benefit the student.
  • Discuss how the teachers who use the new technology will be trained.
  • Discuss how the technology would be supported and maintained.
  • Be sure to include the title of the original article and a link to it.

Upload your case study to your CSUN account to your CSUN HTML account directory (public_html). Name the file "case_study1.html" or "case_study2.html" or "case_study3.html" Use graphics sub-directory if including graphics. Create an index or homepage with navigation to your three case studies, name the homepage "index.html" and use Dreamweaver to upload all files to your CSUN directory. Please see uploading instructions for help with Dreamweaver FTP.

Here is an example of the navigation and index.

Post the URL of the index to our discussion group--IN THE CORRECT THREAD--as described in the class calendar: Message title must be changed to the URL of your index; any messages containing caps will be deleted. Also, put the URL of your index in the message field. Email any questions about this to me!

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