Youth Service Specialist

Mission Statement

Working in conjunction with the Los Angeles County Probation Department to reduce recidivism through, assisting the Deputy Probation Officers (DPO) in expediting the transition of juveniles on probation into the community.

           Contact Information

Addres:  18356 Plummer
                                      Northridge, CA 91330-8390
          Phone: (818) 677-6242 or 6240
 Fax:   (818) 677-5993

Director:  Dr. Herman DeBose
                      Professor of Sociology
Associate Director:  Joy Chang

Qualifications for being a YSS worker

Job Description


                                                                 YSS Workers

Probation Officer
Damariz Aleman Mid-Valley Napoli, Steve
Hector Casas Mid-Valley Napoli, Steve
Chris Demirchyan Hoover High McGee, Warren
Tara, Hill Chatsworth High Westcott, Debbie
Lawrence Jones Taft High Semain, Mike
Veronica Morales Van Nuys High Opara, Ernie
Dennise Perez Monroe
Francisco Perez Van Nuys High Opara, Ernie
Kyle Popin San Fernando
Terry Salseth Mid-Valley CEC
Susan Solley Grant High Mears, Kirk
Sam Tannous Sylmar High  Trejo, Henry
Peter Vernon Cleveland High Stout,


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