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Equipment Check-Outs

Coming soon: an online visual catalogue of our equipment available for short- and long-term check-out!

Services Offered in the BAW LC

Lab Reservations

Professors who require a computer lab setting for class instruction are welcome to reserve time in our lab. We can provide you with a computer and a full projector system connected to a presentation stand, VCR with cable hookup, and a multi-standard DVD player. In addition, we also have 36 computer workstations available for student use, all optimized for both solo and dual learning experiences.

Students and professors who wish to have a room reserved for group projects, quiet study or tutoring sessions may make use of our Satellite Room. It is a quiet room located inside the lab, equipped with a large work surface and a TV with a VCR and cable hookup.

Lab reservations are given on a first come, first served basis, and many of our reservations are made in the beginning of the semester.

To make a reservation, please stop by the lab in JR 316 or give us a call at 818-677-3470(ext. 3470 on campus). To make a reservation online, e-mail us at llrc4mcl@csun.edu and be sure to include your name, the class, the time and day you would like, the duration, and any equipment you would require.

BAWLC Orientation

We offer an orientation session for classes that have not visited the BAWLC previously. The presentation gives a brief overview of the lab and it's policies and services. If you would like a reservation for your class or classes, please mention it in your reservation request. Our orientation presentation is available for download here. Instructions for opening, saving, and viewing this presentation can be found here. We also offer an orientation video to familiarize professors and students with the features of the lab. This video can be found by clicking here (WMV media) or by our Japanese Audio podcast, jPod@CSUN. The RSS feed for the podcast is located here.

Library Style Language Resource Checkouts

The BAWLC is home to a large collection of language acquisition and study materials for all of the languages taught in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures. We offer written materials, computer software, cassette and CD audio, movies in VCR and DVD formats and web-hosted MP3 files. The materials are reserved for students who are taking a specific class and, in some cases, using the book that the additional materials are derived from. Please see our catalogues for call numbers and usage guidelines.

Equipment Checkout for Staff and Faculty

The BAWLC, in addition to checking out learning materials, also reserves and checks out equipment for classroom or lecture hall use. We have a portable computer/projector stand, portable TV systems with Videodisc, DVD and VCR players (both NTSC and PAL/SECAM), several portable VCR and audio cassette players, 2 camcorders, and a Dell laptop. Please contact the lab for reservations and guidelines.

Audio Copying

Students in language classes may be eligible for copies of cassette tapes and CDs used in the lab. The BAW Language Center has worked out copyright agreements with the publishers of certain language textbooks so that we may copy certain audio materials for students in classes that are using that particular textbook. Please see the lab catalogues for available titles.

Tape and CD copying is done twice a week, and we require that you bring in the media used (a 90 minute cassette tape or 80 minute CD-R) for each tape or CD you wish to be copied. We copy on Monday and Thursday from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM, so please turn in your request before this time to allow for a quicker turnaround.