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Online Resources


Russian Links


St. Petersburg State Academic Symphonic Orchestra - The website for the St. Petersburg Orchestra.

Russian Internet Radio - Live and pre-recorded Russian radio, broadcasted from Russia, the US and all over the world.

BBC Russian - News, sports and weather from the BBC, all presented in Russian.

Vesti, Strana - Two more Russian language news sites.

Demoscope - Electronic version of the bulletin Population and the Society, a weekly publication.

Public Opinion Foundation (FOM) - A Russian language public opinion publication, presented in both Russian and translated English.

Rambler, Yandex - Two Russian language search engines.

Glossary Commander - Explanatory dictionaries based on certain themes, such as the economy, society and science.

Rambler Dictionary - An online dictionary provided by Rambler.

Channel One Russia - TV, news and other information from Channel One in Russia.

Radio Mayak - Russian language radio with news, weather, politics and sports.

RusRadio - Talk and music in Russian, presented online by Russian Radio.

Weekend.Ru - Movies, clubs, concerts, theater, books and more. Plan your Russian weekend online.

Krugosvet - Information on geography, science, the humanities, history, and more in Russian.

Zones from RIN - Presented by RIN, general information regarding 240 countries as well as specialized domain hosting information for web sites.

Rambler Weather - Live weather, presented in Russian, from Russia and around the globe.

The SLI Program - A clip that the Russian State for the Humanities Press Center created that features CSUN students in the SLI program.


About the Links

The links and resources available for your perusal have been listed and described by lab staff, the Lab Director and various faculty members.

Please keep in mind that while every effort has been made to make the BAW LC website as accessible and usable as possible, the outgoing links found on these pages may not be ADA compliant. Click at your own risk.


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