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Online Resources


Italian Links


CyberItalian - An interactive Italian language program with courses in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels, as well as Conversational Italian and other seminars.

Esercizi Online - Beginning and intermediate level grammar exercises.

Galleria degli Uffizi - An online gallery of the collections of the Uffizi in Firenze, Italy.

Intro to Dante and The Divine Comedy - A blog that introduces Dante's The Divine Comedy.

Italinemo - A complete analysis, cataloguing and indexing of Italian studies periodicals published since 2000. Search by author, title or keywords.

MERLOT - Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching. Contains resource material for many subjects, including the Italian language and language acquisition.

Musei Vaticani - A comprehensive archive of the Vatican museum.

The Directory for Travel (Italy) - A wealth of information about different cities and sights in Italy.

The Dante Project - Information on Dante, specifically his Commedia, in the original Italian. With links and resource material.

RAI International Online - A website dedicated to Italian art, culture and language. - A large list of Italian radio and video stations based in Italy.

L'Italiano by Toto Cutugno (Audio) - "L'Italiano" by Toto Cutugno

La Stampa, Il Manifesto (quotidiano comunista), l'Unita - Three Italian newspapers published online. Try Online Newspapers for more.

I-Med at UCLA - Interactive Multimedia at a Distance. Login with username: Italian password: Italian.

RAI Click - Streaming Italian television feeds online.

BBC Languages - Weekly help and tips for a variety of languages, including Italian.

Caio Italy Magazines - A very large list of Italian magazines with links to publishers, content and subscription info.

Italian Sinfonia, MTV Italy, Virgilio Musica - Three links to popular Italian music sources.

Word Reference, Garzanti Linguistica - Online dictionary resources.

Perspective in Renaissance Art in Italy - A handout on Renaissance art created by MCLL faculty Dr. Costantini and Prof. Miller.

About the Links

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