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Online Resources


ESL/Linguistics Links


IPA - International Phonetic Alphabet chart, a world-wide notational standard for phonetic representation of all languages.

A Course in Phonetics by Peter Ladefoged - A complete HTML version of Peter Ladefoged's books on phonetics, vowels and consonants hosted by the UCLA Phonetics Laboratory Archive.

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab - Digitized listening quizzes in easy, medium and hard levels with both long and short conversation exercises.

The Sounds of English - Pronunciation guides for American English, including diagrams of articulator placement for a variety of spoken vowel sounds and audio files to practice along with.

The English Listening Lounge - Streaming audio files of recorded conversations in English.

Modern Language Association Website - An association dedicated to the teaching and learning of modern languages, the MLA website contains information on language acquisition.

Using MLA Style - Guidelines for MLA Format, a set of guidelines concerning punctuation, quotation and documentation of sources for the preparation of scholarly works and student research papers.

TransGlobal Books - A helpful site for locating books, movies, music and language acquisition resources in various languages.

How Do You Say Thank You? - A resource hosted by ETailer's Digest offering "thank you" in a large variety of languages. They also have a "welcome" list in multiple languages.

About the Links

The links and resources available for your perusal have been listed and described by lab staff, the Lab Director and various faculty members.

Please keep in mind that while every effort has been made to make the BAW LC website as accessible and usable as possible, the outgoing links found on these pages may not be ADA compliant. Click at your own risk.


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