(1) Databases

(2) Spreadsheets & Graphing

(3) Biological Databases

(4) Chemical Databases

(5) Nutrition Analysis


(6) Analyzing experimental data


(7) Solving problems with spreadsheets


(8) Solving problems by graphing


(9) Statistical analysis


(10) Spreadsheet development


(11) GPS / Mapping



Jessica, Brandi, Carol, and I had fun mapping our CSUN hike! GPS Tour

The Scientific Concepts of collecting data, graphing, and evaluating field trips or travel routes are valuable and required skills for all science students. The use of spreadsheets, calculations, manipulation of formulas, graphing data, etc. are important in math and science. The GPS is a great tool to incorporate technology into the curriculum, since technology is leading our future. The State Standards requires students to perform investigations and use technology to solve problems. Students can use the tracking and navigation tools from the GPS to learn and visulize concepts of motion, such as, velocity, acceleration, and reference point.