SED 619 Checklist

Website Design and Development

(1) Public site - Link to your home page

(2) Technical features - Auto link to anchors on this page

(3) Logical directory structure -link to a file that is nested logically in three or more folders and subfolders.

  • I linked to a picture in the Field Trip folder, under Santa Monica Mountains, and under Malibu Lagoon

(4) Text - link to examples of your own writing that is on your website.

(5) Curriculum standards pages that include numerous links of the various types required.

  • I linked to the Seventh Grade Standards found in my 646 internet folder, under assignments.

(6) Photo page - link to two or more photo pages.

(8) Document delivery - link to pages where the following files can be downloaded.


(1) CSS -link to style sheet directory

(2) Pages made with templates

(3) Layout

(4) Navigation

  • Fireworks/Flash menus or navigation bars - Link from Seventh Grade Science, Projects page to main website.
  • Jump menus


(1) Pictorial directory

(2) Maps

(3) Electronic Discussion Groups

  • Electronic discussion - Nicenet
  • Instructions for using discussion - Nicenet is to be used for the purposes of the Course 619 as directed by Dr. Herr.
  • Key Db4V84W88 ( I did not have anyone to comment, but for the help of fellow classmates)

(4) Synchronous Chat

(5) Calendar

(6) Survey/Poll

(7) Online help, glossary, FAQ, or index

(8) Viewer statistics

(9) Blog

(10) Wiki


(1) Sound files

(2) Your audio recording part 1 - Part 2

(3) Animated GIFs - on my website index page

(4) Flash animations

(5) Java Aplets

(6) Video from web - utube video on photosynthesis

(7) Your own video

Project Design & Presentation

(1) Site Map & Graphic Organizer

(2) Presentation

  • Powerpoint that you have made, illustrating variety of features
  • html version of powerpoint

Graphic Design

(1) Web Graphics

(2) Photography

(3) PhotoShop

(4) Vector Art

(5) Image map

(6) Panorama

(7) Rollover

Data Analysis

(1,2) Downloadable spreadsheets

(3) Graphs (as jpgs)

(4) Document merge -catalog

(5) Search

(6) Forms /cgi

(7) Composite news page





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