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A Virtual Classroom

Kathleen Dudden Rowlands Ph.D.

"At its best, schooling can be about how to make a life, which is quite different from how to make a living."
-Neil Postman



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Welcome, current and former students!

Important Announcements!

  • Applications for the Invitational Summer Institute are due March 1, 2010! More information is available at the Cal State Northridge Writing Project site.
  • Former students: The Web site has been redesigned to allow for easier access to materials. Instead of hunting around the course pages, you can use the RESOURCES pages to find links to articles and activities by topic. If something is missing that I should know about, just email me and I will try to get it to you.

    Current students: This Web site is designed to help you access assignments and materials conveniently. In addition to finding these materials available online, students can copy a master CD of the Web site and play it from their individual computers. (Of course, there can be no updates of materials with that method). In addition to including handouts, the Web site allows students to download supplementary materials: texts used in class lessons, course readings, PowerPointâ„¢ presentations (which can be printed out in anticipation of a class lecture), as well as additional readings which may be of interest.

    I urge you to get in the habit of visiting the Web site weekly. Use it to review (or print out) the PowerPointâ„¢ slides from class lectures. Scan suggested readings if you'd like to know more about a topic. If you'd like to know something about my professional background, check out my biography.

    I've included links to PACT, theTPE's, the California Academic Content Standards and to Credential Information. The Virtual Bookshelf lists suggested core titles that you may find useful as you build your professional library. The Link Library provides a list of Web sites that I've found professionally useful. Neither the Bookshelf nor the Link Library claim to be inclusive; I continually discover new authors, texts, and Web sites. I suspect you will also; I hope you will share your discoveries so they might be included here.

    As you use this Web site, I would appreciate your feedback. Have I included what you needed? Is the navigation easy to follow? Are there broken links? Please let me know so I can make appropriate additions and repairs.

    I look forward to our semester together!
    Kathleen Dudden Rowlands