Kim's Favorite Links

Below are a selection of my favorite (and the best!) web sites that are useful to elementary school teachers, students and parents. Browse and utilize at your leisure! Enjoy!

Web site Title
Web site Address
Web site Description
Fact Monster
This is a general research based search engine that is safe for kids. The students would use this web site to research a variety of topics. For instance, students who were researching a famous person, a scientific invention or an event in history could search here. Through this web site, the student will also get an opportunity to search related links to gather more information.

This is a web site designed for fun! Kids will have access to arts & crafts projects, coloring activities and have the ability to create cards for fun. Teachers can utilize this web site for lesson plan ideas and art techniques. Parents can even get tips on organizing, decorating and celebrating with their children.

Are you a "Cat in the Hat" fan? If the answer is yes, then this web site is for you! Kids will be able to click and play a variety of games based on the books and make your own "seussville" tales. Parents and teachers can gain access to Read Across America information and upcoming bookstore events.

All Math
This web site is a valuable tool for any math student. Kids can create their own flash cards, play math games to strengthen skills and access reference pages for homework. Their is also a section for links to alternative web sites for additional math ideas.

A Plus Math
Love Math? Hate Math? Either way, this web site is for you. Teachers are able to create worksheets and access math lesson plans. Kids can create flash cards, play math games and receive assistance from the homework helper. A great site for working parents and overworked students!

The Nine Planets The Nine Planets is a visual, interactive learning experience. The students and teachers can study/research information on the sun, the nine planets, other solar systems and NASA spacecraft. There is also links to pictures taken from the Hubble Telescope. Additionally, there is a thorough glossary of terms to assist with understanding the solar system and beyond.

Biographies for Kids
Who was George Washington, really? For kids, this web site is a useful place to research biographies on many famous and historical figures from the past and present. The web site was designed to be "kid friendly" in it's language and vocabulary. There are biographies on U.S. Presidents, World Leaders, Inventors, Explorers, Women in History and Scientists. This is a great resource for research papers.

Lastly, this web site is designed to be a safe search engine for kids to use. Designed like, or but for kids use.  There is a general directory of information for research purposes. Additionally, kids can play educational and fun games, school work help,  sports and recreation information, e-cards, jokes and much more. There is a filter on the web site to aid in preventing kids from surfing into inappropriate places on the web. Ideal web site for parents and kids with computers at home.