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2013 Teaching Fellows Program of Study

The CSUN NSF Teaching Fellowship Program supports college graduates with degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and strong math backgrounds as they prepare for secondary math teaching careers. Through this program, Teaching Fellows will earn single subject mathematics teaching credentials and master's degrees in Computers and Educational Technology and participate in professional development activities while teaching in high-need school districts. Four-year commitments will be made by TFs. During this period, they will earn up to $55,000 in stipends and/or salary supplements and work closely with a developing community of CSUN faculty, local teacher leaders, and preservice teachers. This program is funded by a National Science Foundation Noyce grant.

Program Goals and Highlights

CSUN's NSF Teaching Fellows must begin the program with strong math backgrounds and dispositions suitable for teaching. Through this program, they will become expert secondary teachers inclined to remain in the profession beyond the four year commitment they make as Fellows. The goal is for Fellows to become teacher leaders in their schools and districts (and beyond).

Year 1: Earn $15,000 stipend while completing CSUN's Accelerated Collaborative Teacher (ACT) Education Program and participating in professional development activities.

Year 2: Obtain a full-time teaching position and earn $10,000 salary supplement (in addition to teaching salary). Participate in professional development activities specially designed for Teaching Fellows. Apply to master's program in Computers and Educational Technology.

Years 3 and 4: Continue teaching and earn $15,000 salary supplement (each year, in addition to teaching salary and while in good standing in the master's degree program). Earn master's degree in Computers and Educational Technology. Participate in various professional development activities.

Entrance requirements for TFs.

Application Materials for TFs.

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