Noyce Scholarship Program

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Noyce scholarship based on financial need?
No, the Noyce scholarship is merit-based (and prestigious: it will look great on your resume!).

2. How many years must I teach in a "high need" school district?
If you receive a Noyce scholarship, you must teach for one year in a high need school district for each semester of scholarship support you receive.

3. Will CSUN's Math or Science Department (or the National Science Foundation) select the school and/or district where I teach?
No, you may teach in the school of your choice, provided it is in a high need school district.

4. I'm thinking of moving out of state after graduation. Must I fulfill my commitment to teach in a high need school district in California?
No, you may teach in any high need school district, provided it is in the United States.

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