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This is a one-year, college prep course that meets university entry requirements for laboratory science classes for both the UC and CSU system. Students will gain a better appreciation for the many aspects of the living world around them as they explore the California State Standards for Biology. The course focuses on the following the units of study: cell biology, genetics, evolution, ecolgy and human physiology.

Class News

Welcome new Centurions! I look forward to gettting to know each of you as we learn about ourselves and the living world around us in your first year of high school science.

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The Nice Net discussion group is for the purpose of making your questions known to the teacher and other students in the class so that they may be addressed in a public forum. Please remember that all posts to the discussion group are for the purposes of addressing the class and/or the class material. The discussion group is not to be used for any malicous purpose.

To enter the class discussion group go to Nice Net and register as a user. Enter the class key 9Q43G3W88.


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