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This is a one-year course designed for college-bound students who desire to develop an understanding and appreciation of the human body. Students learn the structures, functions and regulation of human body systems through a variety of strategies.

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Welcome back Centurions! I hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing summer break. I look forward a fantastic year with you as we explore the complexity and beauty of the human body.

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  • Period 4
  • Period 5

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The Nice Net discussion group is for the purpose of making your questions known to the teacher and other students in the class so that they may be addressed in a public forum. Please remember that all posts to the discussion group are for the purposes of addressing the class and/or the class material. The discussion group is not to be used for any malicous purpose.

To enter the class discussion group go to Nice Net and register as a user. Enter the class key Y205743A84.



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