Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Garden

Author: Krista Botton
Field Trip - Teacher's Guide
SED 695B

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Topics addressed

  • Ecology
  • Evolution
  • Biomes
  • Geography


Description of Field Trip

Registration: Reservations are required for school groups and admission is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. The zoo allows only a limited number of student group admissions each day. Discounted admission rates for school groups are only available for the traditional school year (September through June). Schools must be registered with the California Department of Education to receive the discounted admission rates and the trip must be conducted during the regular academic day.

The reservation coordinator can be reached from 8:30am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday, at (323) 644-4211.

Registration form for field trip. Tram tickets, sack lunches and goody bags are available at an additional cost.

Group Admission Fees (with reservation):

LAUSD Student
Non LAUSD Student
$1.00 Each
Adult Chaperone/Teacher
(1 for every 10 students)
Additional adult chaperones
$3.00 Each




High School Biology

6.g. Students know how to distinguish between the accommodation of an individual organism to its environment and the gradual adaptation of a lineage of organisms through genetic change.

8.a. Students know how natural selection determines the differential survival of groups of organisms
8.b. Students know a great diversity of species increases the chance that at least some organisms survive major changes in the environment.


Study Guide:

Biome study guide

LA Zoo Map

Ideas and Extensions:

  • Have students include pictures of the animals and plants (or themselves with the animals and plants) to avoid copying and cheating between groups.
  • Have the students present their biome and research to the class. Students can create a poster or powerpoint presentaion of their research which can include pictures they took during the field trip (or from other sources).
  • Have the students jigsaw to share out their biome and discuss similarities and differences that they found in the plants and animals of their assigned biome and other biomes.
  • Students should be asked to explore the evolutionary aspects that led to the different adaptations that are visible in the species of the biome(s). Have students consider how the organisms acquired the characteristics that are seen.

References & Links:

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