1. Internet-Based Science Experiments
*Labs created as a joint effort with my partner, Marissa Mullen

a. Disease Transmission Lab

b. DNA Structure Lab

c. Measuring Reaction Time Lab

2. Interactive Physics

a. Basketball Shot:

b. Shooting Gallery:

In order to hit a falling object you must aim directly at the object before it is dropped.



c. Falling Objects:
In each picture below, the ball on the left is made of steel and the ball on the right is made of wood. If these objects are dropped on Earth, they fall at the same speed.

These are the same two objects dropped on the Moon. They still fall at the same speed, but they don't fall as fast as they did on Earth.


d. Factors Affecting the Period of a Pendulum

The period of a pendulum is dependent on the length of the string, not the mass of the object.

Video of length of string

Video of mass of object