(1) Bookmarks for Science Resources on the Web

Hole's Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology Website
Human A & P textbook web resources includes quizzes, labeling exercises, crossword puzzles, essay questions, etc to test your knowledge of material covered in the text.

Modern Biology (Holt, Rinehart and Winston) Textbook Website
Biology textbook web resourcs that includes links, research ideas, worksheets, project and activity ideas.

Standard 1- Cell Biology:
The Biology Project
Cells Alive!

Standards 2-5 - Genetics:
The Biology Project - Mendelian Genetics
Virtual Fly Lab

(2) Science Software on the Internet

Cell Biology:
Living Cell Screensaver
You computer becomes a microscope! Watch different parts of the cell perform their important functions.

DNA Structure and Function
Instruction in the significance, structure and function of DNA.

(3) Science Lesson Plans & State Standards

California Biology Standards

(4) Science & Math Video Resources

video clipsLorenzo's Oil. Universal Studios Production. 1992.
Based on the true story of a young boy's battle with a rare terminal disease.
Nick Nolte and Susan Sarandon

First Signs of ALD 00:05.40
Diagnosis 00:13.38
Prognosis 00:19.04
Michaela's Fault? 00:21.57

Video Clip:
Michaela's Pedigree (00.00:57) Start 00.25:47; End 00.26.44

Study Guide Questions



(5) Literature Search

DNA strucutre and function within the Genetics Standard 4
Demonstation: Genetic Jewelry
Interactive Courseware
Chromosome Labs
DNA modeling: replication, transcription, translation, mitosis, meiosis and mutations

(6) Professional Associations

NSTA - National Science Teachers Association - 2007 Conference (March 29-April 1 in St. Louis)
CSTA - California Science Teachers Association - 2007 Conference (October 25-28 in Long Beach)
NABT - National Association of Biology Teachers - 2007 Conference (November 28-December 1 in Atlanta, GA)
AAAS - American Association for the Advancement of Science - 2007 Annual Meeting (February 15-19 in San Francisco)

California Credential Requirements for a Single Subject (Secondary Education) Credential

(7) Preparing Students

Adavanced Placement Biology Courses: AP Biology Exam Questions
National Science Olympiad Program: Biology Preparation and Exam
California Academic Decathlon Program: Sample Questions
CST/CAHSEE Sample Quizzes

(8) Locating Resources for Teaching Mathematics or Science

California Lab Safety Standards
Root Words for Anatomy and Biology
Science Clip Art
Calculator-based Lab Experiments for Biology

(9) Acquiring Equipment for Teaching Mathematics or Science

Ohaus Balance for labs (Carolina)
Flinn Freebies
Free Stuff for Educators

(10) Identifying Enrichment Opportunities

Biology Scholarships
Science Fair Rules and Survival Guide

(11) Obtaining Recent Information to Integrate Into Your Curriculum

Only one of the options in this category fit with my curriculum as I teach only biology and human anatomy and physiology, so I picked two articles that I could incorporate into my curriculum.

LA Times News Article on West Nile Virus
CNN Science News Article on extinction of European Mammals due to human impact on the environment

(12) Develop a Lesson Plan that Uses the Web

Major concept: Fitness and Nutrition
Performance objectives: after the activity students should be able to access a database to analyze their diet and the amount of energy they should consume in an average day to maintain a healthy weight. Students should also be able to analyze their diets for nutritional content.

(13) Finding & Mapping Field Trip Locations

Placerita Canyon Nature Center
Map, Satellite Map

Los Angeles Zoo
Map, Satellite Map


(14) SED 646 Class Hypernews Discussion Group