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Biology Standard 1

The fundamental life processes of plants and animals depend on a variety of chemical reactions that occur in specialized areas of the organism's cells.

Biology Standard 2

Mutation and sexual reproduction lead to genetic variation in a population.

Biology Standard 3

A multicellular organism develops from a single zygote, and its phenotype depends on its genotype, which is established at fertilization.

Biology Standard 4

Genes are a set of instructions encoded in the DNA sequence of each organism that specify the sequence of amino acids in proteins characteristic of that organism.

Biology Standard 5

The genetic composition of cells can be altered by incorporation of exogenous DNA into the cells.

Biology Standard 6

Stability in an ecosystem is a balance between competing effects.

Biology Standard 7

The frequency of an allele in a gene pool of a population depends on many factors and may be stable or unstable over time.

Biology Standard 8

Evolution is the result of genetic changes that occur in constantly changing environments.

Biology Standard 9

As a result of the coordinated structures and functions of organ systems, the internal environment of the human body remains relatively stable (homeostatic) despite changes in the outside environment.

Biology Standard 10

Organisms have a variety of mechanisms to combat disease.

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