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Post Graduates in Management
Personnel Management / Employee Relations

Indian Institute of Science  
Bangalore - 1971

Indian Institute of Management 
Calcutta – 1973  

Work Experience

Total - Over 39 years  

(2006 – till date) 

Professor of Strategy and Strategic Human Resource Management and International Business Management

California State University  
Northridge, CA  

(2005 – 2006)

Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management 

International Management Institute  
New Delhi 

(2003 -2005) 

Professor and Head - People and Performance Group (OB / HRM Areas)

S P Jain Institute of Management and Research

(1997 - 2003)  

The Raymond Group, India  
Director – Human Resources  

(1995 – 1997)  

The Onida Group, India  
Group Vice President  
(Personnel & HRD)  

(1991 – 1995)  

The Ispat Group, India  
Group Vice President  
(Personnel & HRD)  



Warner-Lambert / Parke-Davis,  
New Jersey, USA

Regional Director – Human Resources 
South East Asia / India Region


IBP – Balmer Lawrie, India  
Management Development Manager


United Bank of India, India  
Senior Training Officer


Recipient of R N Bangur Memorial All India Award for significant contributions in the field of Business Management and Human Resources Development. Author of a large number of articles and research papers in Behavioral Sciences, Management, Training and Development in the professional Indian and International journals of repute. Past Chairman of the HRD and Training Committees of the Employers' Federation of India. 

Had the privilege to advise a few professionally managed companies, Unilever, Siemens, SISL, Wyeth Lederle, Johnson & Johnson, Exide, IBP Balmer-Lawrie, GSK Pharma, Tata Motors, Larsen & Toubro, in some of their human resources interventions particularly in the areas of Performance Management, Leadership Training, Team Building Initiatives, Interviewing and Assessment Skills, Job Analysis, etc., for over three decades. 

Undergone extensive training in Human Resources Management / Employee Relations / Organizational Behavior in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and quite a few South East Asian countries. Widely traveled all round the world and extensively used by Warner Lambert Co., New Jersey, USA to design and deliver a host of their human resources packages in many of their affiliates in Europe and South East Asian countries. 



As Director - Human Resources, was responsible for the total management of human resources of all the companies in the Group (employing over 13000 employees) at fourteen manufacturing locations in India and abroad as under: Formulation and implementation of Human Resources Policies and Strategies in line with the Company's overall business objectives. 

   Selection and recruitment of senior / top management personnel through application of
    internationally accepted selection standards and techniques. 
   Implementation of objectives relative to Employee and Industrial Relations matters - 
    finalization of Collective Bargaining Agreements with various workmen unions.
   Development and maintenance of Compensation and Benefits Programs, which are 
    internally equitable and externally competitive for employee motivation. 
   Development and maintenance of sound and economic two-way communication systems 
    including overseeing the publication of House Journals and other related efforts towards 
    creating a motivating work climate throughout the Group.
   Implementation of Performance Management Systems including establishing linkages with 
    Variable Pay Administration in line with the international trends for all management staff 
    for greater organizational effectiveness. 
   Interactions with various Employers' Organizations, professional bodies, senior officials of the Labour Ministry, etc, to develop industry approach to common personnel problems 
    and developments. 
   Design, Development and monitoring of the job based competency models aligned with 
    the Group's business strategy and operations to effectively manage organizational 
    human resources. 


While at Warner Lambert, as Regional Director - Human Resources, South East Asia / India Region, for over a decade, I was primarily responsible for the Human Resources Development Function for all the nine affiliates in the Region monitoring a number of HR interventions in the Region steered by the parent company. A few of those key interventions were in the areas of: Assessing the Leadership Styles of the management staff and rolling out the training packages in Leadership Practices in three distinct phases covering all management staff based in India and other affiliates in the Region. 

Focusing on the performance of the management staff of the Region through meaningful implementation of Performance Management System, that encompassed performance planning, performance monitoring, performance appraisal and counseling. 

Extensively trained and used by Warner Lambert Co., USA in delivering a number of core and optional HRD packages in many parts of the world – UK, Germany, France and South East Asian countries - under the overall guidance of the parent company to help achieve clearly defined missions / goals of the respective affiliates. Merger integration of the two affiliates of the then Warner Lambert in India - in putting HR processes in place to achieve the critical success factors, reduce risks and expedite achievements of a merger, primarily focusing on: 

   Building up strong customer responsiveness across the levels 
   Pre merger Assessment including HR Due Diligence 
   Redesigning Organization Structures 
   Design and Implementation of both organizational and individual Performance 
    Management Systems 
   Compensation and Benefits Due Diligence and alignment. 

MUMBAI, INDIA (2003 – 2005)  

As the Head – People and Performance Group (OB / HRM Areas), in teaching, research and consultancy on a full time basis, I was entrusted with the total academic and academic administration responsibilities in the area – to deliver what was required in full time Post Graduate Programs, Executive MBA Programs, Family Managed Business Programs, Masters Programs in IT in tie up with Virginia Tech, USA, Project Management Programs, other specific in company programs including a host of social sector programs for a large no. of NGOs across the country. In addition, I was actively involved in SPJIMR’s globalization efforts – appropriate academic and administrative tie ups with a few leading institutions across the globe – exploring the possibilities of setting up other centers at Sri Lanka, Singapore and Mauritius in addition to their existing centers at Mumbai and Dubai.   


TEACHING: Over the decades, as a visiting faculty, at: 

IIM Calcutta

ASCI Hyderabad

IIM Ahmedabad

JBIMS Mumbai

NMIMS Mumbai

TISS Mumbai


Seminars and Symposia -National and a few Local Management Associations

Professional institutes and associations like ISTD, HRD Network, FICCI, CII, Chambers of Commerce, etc. 

CONSULTING: Currently, in the areas of: 

Redesigning and developing cost effective Selection and Recruitment Systems across the levels for improved ROI on a sustained basis! This includes, among other inputs, conducting structured classroom training programs on Selection Techniques and Interviewing Skills for the managers - particularly for those more frequently involved in the task of selection and recruitment. Ideally, they are eventually entrusted with the additional responsibilities of monitoring such systems on an ongoing basis. As Regional Director - Human Resources, South East Asia / India Region, Warner Lambert Co., USA, I was sponsored by the parent company to be trained by DDI (Development Dimensions International, USA) to deliver their globally known program on Targeted Selection at many parts of the world. 

Redesigning Performance Management System including devising compensation strategies in line with the current international trends with particular reference to Variable Pay Administration. 

Providing structured expertise in the design, development and meaningful implementation of Job Description and Job Specification Programs for all non-bargainable positions in the company - for greater clarity on roles and responsibilities to help meet / exceed mutually agreed expectations between boss and subordinate on an ongoing basis. 

Providing expert assistance in exploring outsourcing opportunities in myriad business processes including in HR, through universally accepted and tested models centering around reorganization and restructuring strategies, for cost optimization purposes. 

Providing inputs, through classroom training interventions, in formulating policies on systematic acquisition, retention and nurturing of the talent across the company. This intervention helps immensely in Career and Succession planning efforts in organizations. 

Providing structured training inputs in the areas of Leadership Practices in phases over a time frame to build tomorrow's managers. This intervention encompasses, among other inputs, the application of the age and culture proof concepts of Hersey and Blanchard, Blake and Mouton, Peter Drucker et al at length.   

Redesigning and developing the Human Resources Audit Systems, actively guiding in the preparation of the Manual for the exclusive use of the client and advising on the strategies for implementation, including class room training interventions, for improved monitoring of HR performance in multiunit / multilocation and cross-cultural setups.


KEY EXPOSURES (An illustrative list):  

Center for Creative Leadership, NC, USA. 
Coaching for Development, Greensboro, NC. 

Development Dimensions International, NY, USA. 
Targeted Selection, Manila, Philippines. 
Train The Trainer Modules, New Jersey, USA.   

M/S Keilty, Goldsmith and Boone, La Jolla, CA, USA. 
Leadership Practices I, II and III, Hong Kong. 
Train The Trainer Modules I, II and III, New Jersey, USA.   

ASTD, Washington DC, USA. 
ASTD International Convention, Atlanta, USA.   

Dr.Chester L. Karrass, London, UK. 
Effective Negotiating, London   

IIM Ahmedabad 
Advanced Leadership Practices – Current Trends

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