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Jane Pafundi

Norm Herr, Ph.D.Introduction

Jane Pafundi teaches 8th grade science at Mesa Verde Middle School. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Colorado. She has taught science, health and physical education for over 20 years. In addition to teaching she has worked as a new teacher mentor, a counselor, department chair and AVID elective teacher.

Educational Philosophy

Part of what makes the United Sates great is our belief that the education of all children is morally, ethically and economically imperative for our country. A public education that includes not only basic skills but also an opportunity for a university level education is available.

Included in the core subjects all children learn is the study of science. As a required course over many years it provides content knowledge in the study of the earth, life and physical science. Beyond learning facts science can also teach cooperation and investigative skills while allowing for creativity and imagination.

Many teaching stategies are employed in my classroom to include the many different learning styles students have. I believe in using inquiry based learning as a follow-up to direct instruction to help my students solidify what they have learned and to see possible uses for that knowledge. I hope my enthusiasm for learning and science will be transferred to my students.

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