peroxidesDecomposition reactions of peroxides


This research concentrates on metal ion catalyzed decomposition reactions of various peroxides and testing of stabilizing agents. Mainly optical (UV/VIS absorption, IR and Raman) and EPR methods are used to identify reaction intermediates and products, and to study their kinetics. These systems often exhibit oscillatory kinetics as well as autocatalysis and hence they provide imporant model systems for chemical kinetics. Furthermore, the results obtained from this research have typically direct industrial applications.


Dr. R. Alen and Dr. E. Popov, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland
Kemira Chemicals Company, Finland

Representative publications

E. A. Popov, J. Eloranta, V. Hietapelto, V.-M. Vuorenpalo, R. Aksela, and J. Jäkärä, Mechanism of decomposition of peracetic acid by manganese ions and diethylenetriamine penstaacetic acid (DTPA), Holzforschung 29, 507 (2005).

E. Popov, J. Välisaari, V.-M. Vuorenpalo, V. Hietapelto, R. Aksela and J. Eloranta, Stabilization of peracetic acid with aspartic acid diethoxy succinate (AES). In press for Holzforschung (2007).

E. Popov, J. Välisaari, V.-M. Vuorenpalo, R. Aksela and J. Eloranta, Stabilization of H2O2 in presence of Fe(II) and Mn(II) impurities under alkaline conditions. In press for Holzforschung (2007).

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