Welcome to libmeas library home page!

The latest libmeas release is 0.4 (source code available form sourceforge). The recommended way to install (on Fedora 12) is through the csun-repo, which can be enabled by installing this RPM. You may have to include options to disable GPG signature checking when you install it. The source distribution should work on most common Linux distributions. The following RPM files are available in the repository:

libmeas-0.4                                  Libmeas runtime
libmeas-devel-0.4                        Libmeas development
linux-gpib-3.2.14                         Linux GPIB package runtime and kernel drivers (PAE kernels only)
linux-gpib-devel-3.2.14               Linux GPIB package development

Note that the linux-gpib package depends on the kernel version installed. I will try to keep updating it for the latest kernels as they come through Fedora updates. If you don't want to enable the repository, you can also download the RPMs directly and install them manually (yum --nogpgcheck localinstall file.rpm).

      The following instruments are currently supported by libmeas:
      SP DK240 monochromator
      Oxford ITC503 temperature controller
      Lambda Physik ScanMate Pro dye laser
      Lambda Physik FL3001/2 dye laser
      MKS PDR2000 capacitance manometer controller
      Stanford Research SR245
      Berkeley Nucleonics 565 delay generator
      Newport IS diode array spectrometer (Diode array)
      Newport Matrix spectrometer (CCD)
      PI-MAX gated CCD camera
      Stanford Research Delay Generator DG535
      Varian E-500 Gaussmeter
      TakedaRiken 5211 microwave frequency counter
      Bruker ER-023 signal channel
      Bruker ER-032 Magnetic field controller
      HP 5350B microwave frequency counter
      PC parallel port TTL driver
      HP 53131A RF frequency counter
      HP 34401A multimeter
      HP 5384A RF frequency counter
      Aspect slow speed serial bus (used by old Bruker NMR and EPR equipment)

Dec 22 2009
Jussi Eloranta (Homepage, Email: jmeloranta@gmail.com)