Jorge Balbás

Post-doc. Asst. Professor
Department of Mathematics
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
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CentPack is a collection of freely distributed C++ libraries that implement a number of high-order, non-oscillatory central schemes for hyperbolic systems of conservation laws in one- and two-space dimensions, ut + f(u)x + g(u)y= 0. Only information specific to the problem to be solved needs to be provided, namely, an external subroutine description of the flux functions f(u) and g(u), together with the appropriate initial and boundary conditions.

For more information on CentPack and central schemes, visit Central Station. There you'll find documentation, software to download, examples, and related publications.

Free Software Tools for Scientific Computing

Here are some links to free software tools available for scientific computing

  • Scilab -- a scientific software package for numerical computations providing a powerful open computing environment for engineering and scientific applications

  • Octave -- a high-level language, primarily intended for numerical computations

  • WaveLab -- a collection of Matlab functions that have been used by the authors and collaborators to implement a variety of algorithms related to wavelet analysis

  • CLAWPACK -- a software package designed to compute numerical solutions to hyperbolic partial differential equations using a wave propagation approach

  • FFTW -- a C subroutine library for computing the discrete Fourier transform (DFT) in one or more dimensions, of arbitrary input size, and of both real and complex data
More information on mathematical software can be found at GAMS from the National Institute of Standards and Technology


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Graphing Tools

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