<h1>ISSC GGD</h1>

International Social Science Council
Research Programme on

Gender, Globalization, and Democratization

Welcome to the home page of the International Social Science Council's Research Programme on Gender, Globalization and Democratization (GGD). The GGD Research Programme was initiated by the International Social Science Council as a Scientific Programme in 1998. The major aim of the GGD Research Programme is to provide sound and reliable knowledge gathered from all parts of the world that can be used to improve the social, economic and political position of women in this era of globlization. To this end, we seek knowledge about the gendered impact of globalization on various populations and about the prospects and initiatives for democratization understood as the full and equal participation of women and men in political and economic decision-making.

The Objectives of the GGD Research Programme are:

  • to offer a global organizational structure to bring together scholars working in different academic disciplines and in different regions of the world to learn from one another.
  • to develop joint research projects to develop knowledge that can be used as a foundation for policy initiatives that can improve the lives of women.
  • to identify, compare, and explore the many facets of globalization and its impact on women including the different ways that globalization and gender are understood by women and men around the world.
  • to provide an output of scholarly publications, workshop materials, syllabi, training manuals, and course materials that can be shared globally on the internet and in other ways as a means of understanding and addressing problems generated for women by globalization.
  • to establish an inclusive international scientific network of researchers working in the field of globalization and gender, one that reaches out to include young scholars and scholars from the majority world.
  • to collaborate with international, national and local organizations including other ISSC members to establish connections and working relationships that will foster a sound financial and institutional foundation for a long term research and training program on globalization, gender, and democratization.

Last Update: December 7 2010