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Where Are The Best Places To Study?

There is no easy answer to this question since students vary. Do you need quiet? Does the background noise of TV or music work for you? Do you prefer the unobtrusive presence of others, in case you have a question? It’s worth figuring out where and how you study best.

Some students find that it is important to identify at least one space on campus that allows them to focus on their work, especially for those long breaks between widely-spaced classes. There are any number of places that might suit you. For example, one student said, "I do use the library here a lot, although I end up surfing the Internet a lot too...maybe I work better [in the library] if I have something like a speech critique I need to do or...a little bit of religion reading. Then, yeah, I will definitely use the library..." Computer labs, departmental reading rooms, a plot of grass under a shade tree or a seat in the corner of one of the campus eateries also provide study space—some quiet and some not.

One benefit of having such a space is that you can use it between classes to review your class notes, do reading assignments or work on problem sets, essays or other projects. As one student noted, "Having an hour before class is the greatest thing because if you have nothing else to do and you can just go over it right before class, it just clicks so much more than having to do four different classes at the same time."

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