ࡱ> ac` @<bjbj?? "X]]&4 8$ LpW:"&!*l:,K[W' @0p L"L" a:   Macalester College Department of Political Science POLI 200-01 Dr. Julie Dolan Women and American Politics Carnegie #203c Spring 2008 651-696-6483 Class Mtgs: MWF 1:10-2:10pm dolan@macalester.edu Carnegie #204 Ofc Hours: MW 2:30-4:30pm Course Description This course examines the evolutionary role of women in politics - as voters, citizens, candidates, and leaders - from the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848 to the present. Drawing from a variety of theoretical perspectives, we examine womens historical and contemporary roles in US politics, investigate and debate a variety of public policy issues of particular concern to women, and explore the intersection of race and gender in US politics. In addition, we devote significant attention to the current presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton. Required Texts Dolan, Julie, Melissa Deckman, and Michele L. Swers. 2006. Women and Politics: Paths to Power and Political Influence. Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall. Hereafter referred to as DD&S. McGlen, Nancy E., Karen OConnor, Laura van Assendelft, and Wendy Gunther-Canada. 2005. Women, Politics, and American Society. 4th edition. Allyn & Bacon/Longman. Hereafter referred to as MOV&G. Watson, Robert P., and Ann Gordon, eds. 2003. Anticipating Madam President. Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Publishers. Additional readings (marked with an * throughout syllabus and listed on last page) Course Requirements 1) Active class participation, including a short class presentation for paper #1 (20%) 2) One short writing assignment (20%) 3) Semester long research project following Hillary Clintons presidential campaign (60%) - annotated bibliography (10%) - in-class presentations (15%) - final paper (35%) 1) Active Class Participation (20%) The full participation of all students is expected. This means that students will be on time and well prepared for all class sessions. If you are unable to attend class or have a problem completing an assignment by the due date, you must notify me before the close of business (5:00 pm) the day prior to class. Your participation is essential and if you are not in class, you cannot participate. Part of your participation grade will be based on a short class presentation. After everyone has chosen a topic for the first paper, I will schedule each student for a presentation on a specific day sometime during the semester. 2) One Short Writing Assignment (20%) You are required to write one 5-7 page paper. Please choose from the two options below. Paper #1 (20%) Please choose ONE of the following two paper topics. You are required to write only one of these papers (#1A OR #1B). They are due at different times of the semester, so choose carefully! 1A. Write a paper on a womens interest group of your choice (historical or contemporary). In particular, how does / did this group attempt to improve womens lives or expand womens rights? What sorts of issues do they advocate? How successful do you think they have been? What strategies and tactics did / does the interest group utilize to influence politics in the United States? What have they accomplished? This paper should also attempt to place the group into the historical context of womens movements in the US were the active in any of the three phases that we discuss? If so, how? Did the group form around the same time as other womens organizations did (i.e. late 1800s, post WWII)? In addition, the paper should be sure to use sources written by others outside of the group (resist the temptation to use the groups website for all your info!) What do outsiders and other organizations have to say about this organization? This paper is due on March 28th. OR 1B. Write a paper on a woman who has been actively involved in politics in the United States (other than Hillary Clinton). Drawing from our course readings and discussions, discuss whether she fits the typical profile of a political woman. In particular, you should pay special attention to the following questions: how and when did she first become active in politics? What public policy issues does she emphasize or advocate? What barriers, if any, has she faced in politics because of her gender? This paper is due on April 25th. *** A note on all written assignments: I expect that all papers will be original work, clearly written, well organized, grammatically correct, free from typographical and spelling errors, will include proper bibliographic citations in the text AND on a works cited page, and will be turned in at the beginning of the indicated class period. Any assignments which are late will be penalized a third of a letter grade for each day they are late (so an A- becomes a B+ if one day late, a C becomes a D if three days late, etc.). Please plan ahead to avoid problems that will prevent you from turning your assignments in on time. 3) In-depth Examination of Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton (60%) As our semester gets underway, Hillary Clinton is running strong for the Democratic nomination for the United States Presidency. No woman has ever been a front-runner for the Democratic or Republican partys nomination for the presidency, and so we have a wonderful opportunity to critically assess the women and politics literature in the midst of her campaign. Throughout the semester, we will follow her campaign, compare and contrast her experiences with the literature on women in politics and the literature on presidential candidates and attempt to update the state of knowledge in the field by drawing on her historic run. To do so, each student in the class will complete three related assignments: a) An annotated bibliography on some aspect of presidential campaigns and/or women running for elective office (10%). Due February 22nd. b) An in-class presentation that situates Clintons candidacy within the relevant political science literature (15%) (drawing from the literature covered in your annotated bibliography) c) A research paper that answers the question: how does gender influence running for the president? (also drawing from the literature in your annotated bibliography) (35%) Due May 9th. Further details will be handed out in class at a later date. Academic Integrity Standards of academic integrity are set forth in the Macalester College Student Handbook. Students are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the College Honor System as violations will be taken very seriously. Students who are uncertain as to what constitutes cheating should contact the Dean of Academic Programs. Course Schedule January 28 Course Overview Reading: Read entire syllabus Assignment: Make a xeroxed copy of your student id and write an essay about yourself due January 30th. Women as Candidates for Elective Office January 30 Women Running for President and Vice President Reading: Watson and Gordon, Chapters 1-3 DD&S, Chapter 8, pp. 269-275 February 1 Women Running for President: Gender and Race Reading: Watson and Gordon, Chapters 5 and 13 McClain, Carter and Brady Gender and Black Presidential Politics: From Chisholm to Moseley Braun* February 4 Women Running for President: Gender and Race (continued) Reading: Sigelman and Welch, Race, Gender and Opinion Toward Black and Female Presidential Candidates* Find and read one article about Condoleezza Rice TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 5TH - SUPER TUESDAY MINNESOTA CAUCUCES HELD February 6 Political Party Support Reading: Watson and Gordon, Chapter 6 (Haussman) Assignment: Identify a womens organization or political woman you will write about for your first paper. February 8 Why Dont More Women Run? Reading: DD&S, Chapter 5, pp. 136-156 MOV&G, pages 90-105 Watson and Gordon, Chapter 4 (Falk and Jamieson) February 11 Media Coverage and Strategies of Female Candidates Reading: DD&S, Chapter 4, pp. 113-118; Chapter 5, pp. 166-172 Watson and Gordon, Chapter 11 (Heith) February 13 Media Strategies Used by Female Candidates Reading: Watson and Gordon, Chapters 8, 9 and 14 February 15 Voter Stereotypes Reading: DD&S, Chapter 5, pp. 156-166 Lawless, Women, War and Winning Elections* Watson and Gordon, Chapter 12 (Kennedy) February 18 Voter Stereotypes, continued Reading: Dolan, Hillary and Condi* Watson and Gordon, Chapters 16-17 February 20 Fundraising Reading: DD&S, Chapter 5, pp. 173-178 Watson and Gordon, Chapter 7 (Farrar-Myers) February 22 The Effect of the Gender Gap on Women Running for Office Reading: DD&S, Chapter 3, pp. 90-93 Brians, Gender and Party Bias in Voting for Female Candidates* *** Annotated bibliographies due*** Historical Overview of Womens Movements for Political Equality February 25 Film: Boys and Girls are Different Reading: DD&S, Chapter 1 February 27 1st Phase of Womens Movement Reading: McGlen and OConnor (MOV&G), pp. 1-6 DD&S, Chapter 2, pp. 11-17 Sojourner Truth, Aint I a Woman?* February 29 2nd Phase - Struggle for the Vote Reading: MOV&G, pages 6-8; 21-40 DD&S, Chapter 2, pp. 17-24 Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton* March 3 Guest Speakers from Humphrey Institute Reading: TBA March 5 Film: One Woman, One Vote March 7 After the Vote Women in the Workforce Reading: MOV&G, pages 128-141 DD&S, Chapter 2, pp. 24-35 Freeman, From Protection to Equal Opportunity* (read only up to Turning Point Section) March 10 Film: The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter March 12 3rd Phase - Struggle for Equal Rights Reading: MOV&G, pages 8-17; 40-67; and 141-148 DD&S, Chapter 2, pp. 36-41 Excerpt from Feminine Mystique (handout) Freeman, From Protection* (read remainder of article) March 14 Free day Catch up March 17-21 No class -- Spring Break March 24 Legal Interpretations of Sex as a Class Reading: TBA March 26 A Fourth Phase of the Womens Movement on the Horizon? Reading: DD&S, Chapter 2, pp. 41-56 Read one policy paper from the IWF; one from NOW Women in the Electorate March 28 Political Participation Reading: MOV&G, pages 68-83 Paper #1A DUE Profile of Womens Organization March 31 Political Attitudes and the Gender Gap Reading: DD&S, Chapter 3 April 2 Women in the Parties and in Interest Groups Reading: MOV&G, pages 83-90 DD&S, Chapter 2, pp. 56-71 April 4-7 Women in the Media Reading: DD&S, Chapter 4 Women as Political Elites April 9 Women in Local Government Reading: DD&S, Chapter 6 April 11 First Ladies Reading: Stooksbury and Edgemon, The First Lady Scholarship Reconsidered: A Review Essay* April 14-16 Women in Executive Positions Reading: MOV&G, pages 107-112 DD&S, Chapter 8 April 18-21 Women in State Legislatures / Congress Reading: MOV&G, pages 102-107 DD&S, Chapter 7 April 23-25 Women in the Judiciary Reading: DD&S, Chapter 9 Paper #1B due (Woman active in politics) April 28 Class Presentations April 30 Class Presentations May 2 Class Presentations May 5 Last Day of Class Wrap-Up and Discussion May 9 Final Research Paper due Additional Readings and their locations: Brians, Craig Leonard. 2005. Women for Women? Gender and Party Bias in Voting for Female Candidates. American Politics Research 33(3): 357-375. Available through SAGE Full-Text Collections. Dolan, Julie. 2007. Hillary and Condi: Is the Public Ready for Elite Political Women in Foreign Policy? Paper presented at the 2007 Meeting of the Japanese American Women Political Scientists Symposium. August 26-29th, St. Paul, Macalester College. Available via email. Freeman, Jo. 1990. From Protection to Equal Opportunity: The Revolution in Womens Legal Status  HYPERLINK "http://www.mith2.umd.edu/WomensStudies/ReadingRoom/AcademicPapers/womens-legal-status" http://www.mith2.umd.edu/WomensStudies/ReadingRoom/AcademicPapers/womens-legal-status Lawless, Jennifer L. 2004. Women, War and Winning Elections: Gender Stereotyping in the Post-September 11th Era. Political Research Quarterly 57(3): 479-490. Available through JSTOR. McClain, Paula D., Niambi M. Carter, and Michael C. Brady. 2005. Gender and Black Presidential Politics: From Chisholm to Moseley Braun. Journal of Women, Politics & Policy 27 (1/2): 51-68. Available through DeWitt Wallace library stacks / reserve. Sigelman, Lee, and Susan Welch. 1984. Race, Gender and Opinion Toward Black and Female Presidential Candidates. Public Opinion Quarterly 48(2): 467-75. Available through JSTOR. Stooksbury, Kara E. and Lori Maxwell Edgemon. 2003. The First Lady Scholarship Reconsidered: A Review Essay. Women and Politics 25(3): 97-111. Available through DeWitt Wallace library stacks / reserve. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton  HYPERLINK "http://www.rochester.edu/SBA/suffrage_sba_ecs.html" http://www.rochester.edu/SBA/suffrage_sba_ecs.html Truth, Sojourner. Aint I a Woman?  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