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California State University, Northridge

Teachers for a New Era

English Department Study Group


Summary of November 2004 Colloquium


: Scott Wheatley, Stacy Hartmann, Beth Holmes, Brian Yablon, Flory Schultheiss, Esther Benjamins-Gass  (See panelist biographies below)


Panel Organizer: Sandra DaLie


Moderator: Irene Clark


Event Coordinator: Kathy Leslie


Question under consideration:

To what extent is our curriculum serving the needs of our students when they enter the classroom as teachers?


Specific questions to panelists:


1. What did you find most helpful in your preparation for teaching English/Language arts?
2. What gaps in your preparation did you find?
3. If you were in charge of restructuring a preparatory program, what changes would you make?
Panelists’ responses to question 1 above: 
Panelists’ responses to question 2 above: 
Panelists’ responses to question 3 above: 

Other comments from panelists:


Comments and questions from others in attendance:

Panelists’ responses to additional questions/comments: 
Suggestions from the TNE English Dept. Study Group organizing committee for further discussions/questions/work: 


TNE English Dept. Study Group organizing committee: Sandra DaLie, Irene Clark,  Dorothy Clark, Pamela Bourgeois, Ian Barnard



Written by Ian Barnard, 13 November 2004




Ian Barnard, CSUN English Faculty

Richard Battaglia, CSUN English Faculty, CLU Ed. Faculty

Kent Baxter, CSUN English Faculty

Esther Benjamins-Gass, LAUSD

Pamela Bourgeois, CSUN English Faculty

Sara Callahan, CSUN Student Teacher (ITEP)

Sesilia Campos, CSUN Student Teacher (ITEP)

Carolyn Caselli, CSUN English Grad. Student

Ranita Chatterjee, CSUN English Faculty

Dorothy Clark, CSUN English Faculty

Irene Clark, CSUN English Faculty

Shirley Clark, CSUN ITEP Student

Sandra DaLie, CSUN Sec. Ed. Faculty

Bonnie Ericson, CSUN Sec. Ed. Faculty

Ann Marie Hansen, CSUN Student Teacher (ITEP)

Stacy Hartmann, Fillmore High School Teacher

Beth Holmes, Teacher in Residence, CSUN Elementary Ed.

Mona Houghton, CSUN English Faculty

Elizabeth Kessler, CSUN English Faculty

Kathy Leslie, CSUN English Faculty

Mary Marca, CSUN English Faculty

Gina Monaco, CSUN Student Teacher (ITEP)

Erin Park, CSUN ITEP Student

Kathleen Rowlands, CSUN Sec. Ed. Faculty

Marjie Seagoe, CSUN English Staff

Flory Jones Schultheiss, CSUN

Cheryl Spector, CSUN English Faculty

Sandra Stanley, CSUN English Faculty

Vanessa Valeriano, CSUN Student Teacher (ITEP)

Scott Wheatley, CSUN Student Teacher

Tina Williams, CSUN ITEP Student

Brian Yablon, CSUN Student

Panelist Biographies

1.  Scott Wheatley:

      2.  Stacy Hartmann:

      3.  Beth Holmes:

      4.  Brian Yablon:  

      5.  Flory Schultheiss:       

      6.  Esther Benjamins-Gass: 
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