Defeat the California Civil Rights Initiative!

After former KKK member David Duke's visit to CSUN and the ensuing "riot," the debate over affirmative action is raging amongst the CSUN community. This page includes resources for students interested in learning more about the politics and issues surrounding Affirmative Action. I am opposed to the CCRI and have included links to resources that explain the rationales and justifications for affirmative action, as well as resources devoted to opposing Proposition 209, California's misleadingly named "Civil Rights Initiative."

For the benefit of informed debate I am including a couple of links to pro-CCRI resources. While this web site will no doubt help students opposed to the CCRI gather information to defend their viewpoints, I strongly encourage students who are in favor of the CCRI or undecided on the issues to visit all of the sites below and compare the arguments for and against affirmative action. It is my strong feeling that any reasonable human being with half a brain that has access to all the relevant information regarding the issue will reach a similar conclusion as I have; this web page is one attempt to get the relevant information out there.

The debate over affirmative action, like any debate over racial issues today, has become volatile and highly charged. Students who find themselves "in the middle" or "undecided" tend to find the controversial nature of this issue alienating. Not everyone who supports the CCRI is a KKK-style racist, and not everyone who opposes the CCRI is a "reverse" racist, but you wouldn't know that from the dominant representations of this debate in California.

I strongly oppose the "myth of the middle ground." To say that "I have no politics" is really to say that "My politics are someone else's." Make informed decisions about important issues such as these! Mainstream mass media resources will only give you part of the story. Always seek out alternative sources of information, and make your own decisions.

News: The Issues: Government Sources of Information: Know Thine Enemies: Who is Behind the CCRI? And Are they Lying to you? You decide. For Further Information:
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