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     On the front page of the San Francisco Examiner of 10/7/96,
with continued article and photo on page A-9, we are greeted with
the news that the SF police, under Mayor Brown's appointed police
chief, stole marijuana brownies and cookies at the Castro Street
Fair in the gay Castro district of San Francisco, with hundreds
of thousands of people in attendance on a sweltering 90 degree
Sunday, October 6, 1996.  It is only because that it was the gay
community that there was not a total riot.  The police stated
that they would not arrest people but that if the pastry
contained marijuana, the pastry would be destroyed.  The
question, of course, is, by whose digestive system?  The police,
by their own admission, are guilty of stealing private property,
since they were not gathering evidence to make a case against
     This is the same police under King Willie the Last who have
terrorized and arrested the homeless more than his predecessor,
Fascist Frank.  King Willie just recently cancelled the housing
summit because he admitted he has no solution to the homeless
crisis.  Although he is a lawyer, he apparently never heard of
the city's right to eminent domain.  Added to these grievances
are his two worthless stadiums and a bus system that is
overcrowded, too expensive and provides too little service, which
King Willie says we just have to live with.  We now have another
one-term mayor since the average person votes for mayor in San
Francisco to do two things:(1) provide decent, affordable bus
service and (2) house the homeless in decent, affordable housing. 
     To prepare for this happy day when we say good-by to King
Willie, and replace him with someone who can meet the demands of
the average voter, we can support the two district elections
measures on the SF ballot, G and H with the accompanying pay
raise for the Board, Prop. F, and the independent candidates,
Carlos Petroni and Lucrecia Bermudez for SF Board of Supervisors,
Larry Kisinger for Board of Education and Tom Lacey for Community
College Board, who have pledged to "defend ourselves from the
Democrats and Republicans who attack us from Washington,
Sacramento and downtown."  

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