Michigan State University Press will publish a ten-volume history and criticism of American public address, titled A RHETORICAL HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES: SIGNIFICANT MOMENTS IN AMERICAN PUBLIC DISCOURSE. The first volume is scheduled for publication in 1998. Each volume will be devoted to a thematically focused analysis of significant texts or discourses in the American experience.

Martin J. Medhurst of Texas A&M University has been appointed series editor. Members of the editorial board are James R. Andrews of Indiana University, Thomas W. Benson of Penn State University, Stephen H. Browne of Penn State University, Karlyn Kohrs Campbell of the University of Minnesota, A. Cheree Carlson of Arizona State University, Bruce E. Gronbeck of the University of Iowa, Robert Hariman of Drake University, David Henry of California Polytechnic State University, J. Michael Hogan of Indiana University, Robert L. Ivie of Indiana University, Richard J. Jensen of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Michael C. Leff of Northwestern University, John Louis Lucaites of Indiana University, Stephen E. Lucas of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Kathryn M. Olson of the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Michael Osborn of the University of Memphis, Tarla Rai Peterson of Texas A&M University, Kathleen J. Turner of Tulane University, Martha Solomon Watson of the University of Maryland, and David Zarefsky of Northwestern University.

Each volume editor will commission 10-12 major essays, each of which will be approximately 75 manuscript pages in length. Scholars interested in contributing to one of the following volumes are urged to contact the appropriate volume editor or the series editor. The ten volumes are:

Volume 1:  Colonial Rhetoric and the Sources of American
           Identity, ed.  James R. Andrews 
Volume 2:  Rhetoric, Independence and Nationhood, ed.
           Stephen E. Lucas 
Volume 3:  Constructing the Citizen in Jacksonian America
           ed. Stephen H.  Browne 
Volume 4:  Public Debate in the Civil War Era, ed. David
           Zarefsky and Michael C. Leff 
Volume 5:  The Rhetoric of 19th Century Reform and the
           Perfecting of American Society, ed. Martha
           Solomon Watson 
Volume 6:  Imperialism and Reform in the Progressive Era,
           ed. J. Michael Hogan 
Volume 7:  American Rhetoric in the New Deal Era, ed. 
           Thomas W. Benson 
Volume 8:  The Articulation of American Internationalism in
           the Nuclear Age, ed. Robert L. Ivie 
Volume 9:  Social Controversy and Public Discourse in Mid-
           Twentieth Century America, ed. David Henry and
           Richard J. Jensen 
Volume 10: The Fragmentation of American Liberalism at the
           End of the 20th Century, ed. Robert Hariman and
           John Louis Lucaites 

This is an interdisciplinary project that seeks contributors from a wide range of disciplines and values a variety of methodological approaches to the study of American public discourse.

Potential authors are invited to contact the series editor

Professor Martin J. Medhurst Department of Speech Communication Texas A&M University College Station, TX 77843

or the individual volume editors by mail or at the following e-mail addresses:

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