VOL. LII, No. 1 - Aug. 21, 1995

The deadline for contributions to the University Information Bulletin is Thursday at noon. The bulletin will be published each Monday and as needed during the week. Submissions should be hand-carried to 9528 Etiwanda, FAXed to x4937, e-mailed to pubinfo@exec.csun.edu, or sent through campus mail to mail code 8242. Please type all items double spaced, or supply a file on disk. Direct UIB inquiries to x2130.

Attention: Department Secretaries

Some UIB items are relevant to students. So that students have an opportunity to read them, please post each week's UIB in your department office. Thanks.

Bits vs. Atoms

Welcome to the beginning of the 40th year of Cal State Northridge. Just as the institution has evolved through a series of names and stages, so have the UIB and its predecessor publications. This year, we are thinking about a further evolution of the UIB. To reduce the sizable cost of producing and distributing it, we are considering transmitting it electronically rather than on paper.

This is in the nature of a trial balloon. We invite your comments, opinions, and observations before we make a final decision.

However, here are some arguments in favor of it.

We would like to hear your arguments for and against this proposal and any suggestions you have to increase and improve communication on campus. Send your comments to us via bits to PUBINFO@EXEC.CSUN.EDU. Or via atoms to Mail Drop 8242.

Faculty and Staff Coffees

The Annual Faculty Coffee will take place Wednesday, August 30, from 9 to 11 am in the gazebo area of the University Club lawn. All new and returning faculty are invited to join President Wilson and the vice presidents in officially inaugurating the new academic year.

The Annual Staff Coffee will take place Wednesday, September 6, from 9 to 11 am at the same location. President Wilson and the vice presidents look forward to welcoming back all new and returning staff to the campus.

For more information, contact Dhari Balvin at x5445.

A Prefatory Issue

This is a special prefatory issue of the UIB. The first regular edition will appear next Monday, August 28 (yes, via print as well as electronically). Items that have been submitted over the summer will appear in that issue.

The deadline for submissions is Thursday at noon for publication the next Monday. Please include: 1) the nature of the event and its date, time, and place and 2) the person or office to contact for more information and the phone extension. A contact will be listed for each item.

University Holiday Schedule

President Wilson has determined the university holiday schedule for the 1995-96 academic year as indicated below. In accordance with the schedule, the university will be closed from Monday, December 25, through Monday, January 1, reopening Tuesday, January 2, 1996.

1995 Holidays:

1996 Holidays:

Monthly rate employees are entitled to these paid holidays on the day they are observed on campus unless they are in a non-pay status on the holiday, or they are required to work to perform necessary services. Hourly employees are eligible for prorated holiday pay pursuant to the talbe provided to all departments by memo dated December 15, 1994. This memo, entitled "Holiday Compensation Issues," is retained in Section I - Attendance and Leave Procedures of your Standard Operating Procedures manual. Employees who are required to work on a holiday will receive holiday compensation or compensatory time off. The holidays listed are in additon to the personal holiday which every employee receives each January 1 and which must be used before December 31 of that year. Part-time employees and hourly employees are entitled to a personal holiday on a prorated basis. The university will be closed on the holidays listed. Essential services such as campus security will be maintained on all holidays.

For more information, call the Office of Human Resource Services at x2118.