January 10, 1996

To: Faculty
From: Donald J. Cameron
Associate Vice President, Faculty Affairs
Subject: Performance Salary Step Increase Awards

Attached to this memorandum are the following documents: President Wilson has approved the policy recommended during the December 14, 1995 meeting of the Faculty Senate. Please note that all Unit 3 members, which includes all tenure-track faculty, full-time and part-time lecturers, athletic coaches, Librarians and Academically Related Counselors are eligible to apply for a PSSI award. If you wish to apply for an award, please review the attached copy of thepolicy.

Elections for the eleven School-level review committees will be completed during the first two weeks of the Spring semester. Only tenured faculty who do not intend to apply for a PSSI award are eligible for election to the review committees.

The deadline for submission of applications is Friday, February 16th. The application should be submitted to the appropriate School office, with a copy to President Wilson's Office. The application should consist of the single page application form, plus three or fewer typed pages which describe the candidate's achievements and the significance of those activities. No additional materials will be considered. Only accomplishments within the past five years should be included.

School-level committees will review the applications and provide confidential recommendations to the President no later than Friday, March 15th. The number of positive recommendations must not exceedthose that could be funded by the amount noted in the final column of the table indicating the funds available to School-level committees. Not later than Monday, April 1st President Wilson will inform allapplicants of her decision regarding their request for a PSSI award, including, for those receiving an award, the number of steps to be granted. Recipients of PSSI awards will have their base salaryincreased retroactive to January 1, 1996.

Please note that the attached policy and calendar are applicable for the 1995-96 year only. The Faculty Senate will need to recommend a policy for the 1996-97 year prior to the end of the Spring 1996 semester. Starting in Fall 1996, the application and review process for PSSI awards must be concluded no later than December 1, when the President will announce recipients of awards to become effective onthe following January 1st.

Questions on this subject should be directed to your School Dean or to me at Ext. 2962.

The Cal State Northridge PSSI police for the 1995-1995 Year


(For 1995-96 Academic Year Only)
California State University Policy
  1. All tenured, tenure-track faculty and full and part-time lecturers as well as other Unit 3 employees are eligible for a Performance Salary Step Increase. Only candidates nominated, or who have applied, for a PSSI award are eligible for these awards.
  2. Eligible faculty can be nominated by other faculty unit employees or by academic administrators.
  3. Performance Salary Step Increase awards are granted by the President. At least 50% of the individuals receiving a Performance Salary Step Increase award must have received a positive recommendation from his/her School/Unit review committee.
  4. Awards will be limited to no more than four Performance Salary Step Increases.
  5. The decision to grant or deny a PSSI award and the number of steps granted shall not be subject to the grievance procedure.
  6. School/Unit committee recommendations for PSSI awards shall be forwarded to the President no later than March 15, 1996.
California State University, Northridge Guidelines
  1. This policy for the award of Performance Salary Step Increases in the 1995-96 academic year will be reviewed and evaluated immediately after the completion of the process and a report forwarded to the Academic Senate prior to the end of the 1995-96 academic year. These guidelines are effective for the 1995-96 academic year only.
  2. A PSSI Committee shall be constituted at the School/Unit level and shall be separate and independent from the University RTP Committees.
  3. The budget for Performance Salary Step Increases shall be distributed among the various schools and other Unit 3 groups in proportion to the number of Full-time Equivalent Faculty positions allocated to each group for the 1995-96 academic year.
  4. Applications and nominations shall be submitted to the School/Unit committees consisting of tenured faculty, with a copy to the President. The Personnel committees of each School/Unit shall determine the number of committee members to be elected by the School/Unit as a whole. No more than one faculty member from a department or appropriate unit shall serve on the PSSI Committees except in cases where this would result in a committee of fewer than three people. Members shall be elected annually. Faculty elected to the School/Unit PSSI committees will not be eligible to serve on these committees if they are candidates for a Performance Salary Step Increase award. Each School/Unit shall implement procedures to insure that PSSI committee members are not candidates for PSSI consideration.
  5. The School/Unit Committees may solicit additional information from the candidate and/or nominator is the application/nomination requires clarification or more specialized knowledge to evaluate. Unsolicited information will not be considered by the PSSI Committees.
  6. The deliberations of the school committees, including all documents pertaining thereto and the committee's recommendations to the President, shall remain confidential.
  7. School/Units should conduct their elections for PSSI committees according to present practice within the Schools/Units.
  8. Recommendations for award of the PSSI shall be based upon outstanding performance in at least one of the areas of teaching and direct instructional contributions, service to the University and the community, and other professional accomplishments including scholarly and creative activity.

    Candidates for a PSSI award should demonstrate meritorious performance in all areas, and outstanding performance in one or more of the areas.

    Awards for teacher-scholars: for outstanding teaching effectiveness (Student opinions of Teaching Effectiveness shall be considered as evidence of performance in this category and additional evidence of outstanding teaching performance shall be required in the application or nomination.)

  9. Awards for Exemplary Service to the campus, the California State University or the community.
  10. Awards for exceptional professional attainment: (e.g. a major scholarly achievement, exemplary accomplishment in the discipline, etc.)
  11. Performance Salary Step Increases will be based upon the professional performance of the candidates within the last five years. Nominations/applications shall not exceed three pages.
  12. 10. Applicants/nominees who receive a favorable recommendation from the School/Unit committee but are not selected by the President may request a peer review by a panel composed of full-time tenured faculty who did not serve on the School/Unit committees.
  13. The positive recommendations of the School/Unit committees must not exceed those that can be funded by 105% of the monies allocated to those committees for PSSI awards.
  14. Recipients of PSSI awards will be publicly announced and appropriately recognized by the university community. No later than April 1, the President will inform each candidate that he/she
In addition, the President will submit a statistical report to the PP&R Committee on the award decisions in each of the categories listed above.

The Application/Nomination Form

For Academic Year 1995-96 only

Performance Salary Step Increase (PSSI)
California State University, Northridge



Date of Application:

If applicable, nominated by:

Applicants/nominees shall demonstrate meritorious performance in all areas and outstanding performance in at least one of the areas of teaching and direct instructional contributions, service to the University and the community, and other professional contributions including scholarly and creative activity. Only accomplishments within the last five years shall be considered in evaluating applications for the PSSI.

In three (3) or fewer attached typed pages, describe the candidate's achievements and the significance of these activities. Please clearly specify which area(s) you are addressing. No additional unsolicited materials will be considered.

Signature of Nominator (if applicable) Date

Signature of Applicant/Nominee (required) Date For Academic Year 1995-96 only

The Calendar to be Followed During Consideration of PSSI Applications

Performance Salary Step Increase 1995-96 Calendar

California State University, Northridge

Text provided by Office of Faculty Affairs, ext. 2962