Sept. 13, 1999 Vol. IV, No. 2

$20M of New Campus Building Construction Gets Underway

Contracts Awarded for HHD/Technology Center and Administration Building

Launching the final phase of the campus' earthquake recovery, Cal State Northridge has awarded contracts for $20 million of new building construction: a $9.7 million HHD/Technology Center complex and a $10 million Administration Building.

"This school year and the beginning of the next school year will see the most intense period of construction activities on our campus since the Northridge earthquake," said Jim Sullivan, CSUN's interim vice president for administration and finance.

The two planned new buildings, headed for completion in fall 2000 by contractor S.J. Amoroso, are among seven major projects that will be underway on campus this fall. The latest tally puts the estimated final cost of CSUN's earthquake recovery at about $405 million.

The two-story, 83,500-square foot Health and Human Development/ Technology Center building will arise east of the Oviatt Library, providing a new home for that college. The three-story, 84,000-square foot Administration Building is well underway at the northwest corner of Prairie Street and Etiwanda Avenue.

The following is a status summary of the seven major projects this fall:

  1. Oviatt Library: Reconstruction of the Oviatt Library's east and west wings continues. In addition to the wings project, the new library exit/ pathway (Grand Stairs) project will start construction this month. This project will add stairs to the south side of the library building, connecting the terrace level with the Oviatt Lawn. Both projects should be completed in January 2000. Until then, the Oviatt Lawn and the wings' construction sites will remain fenced off. The library will continue to be accessed from the terrace level. Because of the close proximity of the library to the HHD/ Technology Center project, the pedestrian pathway east of the Oviatt will remain closed until the Oviatt construction is completed.

  2. Health and Human Development/ Technology Center: Construction of this project began this month and is scheduled to be completed in fall 2000. The construction site, which adjoins the Oviatt site on the east, will be fenced off. North/south pedestrian traffic flow is to the east along Lindley Avenue.

  3. Student Services Building: Renovation of the Student Services Building will be completed this month. The building is partially occupied and will be fully occupied next month. The building entrances on the east, south and west sides are fully accessible. The north entrance will not be accessible until January 2000 when work on the Oviatt projects is completed. North/south pedestrian traffic flow is to the west along Etiwanda Avenue.

  4. Administration Building: Construction of this project started last month and is scheduled to be completed in September 2000. The construction site, west of Etiwanda Avenue, is bounded by Vincennes Street on the north and Prairie Street on the south. North/south pedestrian traffic flow is along Etiwanda Avenue.

  5. Main Distribution Frame: Construction of this project is scheduled to be completed in November 1999. North/ south pedestrian traffic flow is to the east.

  6. Art and Design Center Expansion: Construction of this project will start this month and is scheduled to be completed in July 2000. The construction site "wraps around" the existing Art and Design Center on the north, east and south sides. Access to the Art and Design Center during construction will be on the west side of the center with entrances off both Plummer Street from the south and Halsted from the north. Existing parking to the east of the center will be fenced off and will be replaced with new parking east of the site.

  7. Arts, Media, and Communication Building: Construction of this project will begin in October/November 1999 and is scheduled to be completed in December 2000. The site is fenced off and will remain so during construction.

September 13, 1999

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