May 30, 2000 Vol. IV, No. 17

Fariba Farzan, Interim President Louanne Kennedy and Gail Said Johnson

Two Recipients Announced as Staff Employees of the Year

Gail Said Johnson from ITR and Fariba Farzan from Liberal Studies Share Honors

Two Cal State Northridge alumna-Gail Said Johnson from Information Technology Resources and Fariba Farzan from the Liberal Studies Program-have been selected as the university's staff Employees of the Year for 1999-2000.

The decision this year, made from among candidates submitted by nomination, marks the first time two employees have been selected as co-recipients. Each receives a $500 cash award from the Matador Federal Credit Union, the corporate sponsor for the program.

Johnson this year also received recognition for her 35 years of service to the university. In the Employee of the Year competition, Johnson was recognized for being a leading force behind the university's recent redesign of its web pages aimed at creating a more user-friendly Internet site.

She served as a member of the university's Web Page Advisory Committee, which began the process, and later was named to the university's new Web Page Editorial Board, which will help guide the content of main university web pages. Through the process, she modeled and developed about 20 different web pages.

In addition, Johnson, who graduated from the university's graphic design program, helped many on campus create and refine their own web pages. She also served as a member of the University Calendar Committee, the group responsible for creating a coordinated calendar of campuswide events.

Farzan, as a senior advisor of the Liberal Studies Program, has maintained continuity in the program and offered her expertise to new staff and faculty directors. In the past two years, Farzan assumed primary responsibility for three university programs of particular significance:

May 30, 2000

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