May 30, 2000 Vol. IV, No. 17



Magnhild Lien and William Watkins (Mathematics) had their article "Dual Graphs and Knot Invariants" published in Linear Algebra and its Applications, vol. 306, February 2000, pp. 123-130.

Roberta Madison (University Assessment), Norm Fullner (Art), and Paul Baum (Management Science) published an article titled "The Assessment Outcomes Program at California State University, Northridge: A Model for Program Improvement" in the Assessment Update, vol. 11, no. 5, September-October 1999.

Johnie Scott (Pan-African Studies) had his autobiographical essay "The Coming of the Hoodlum" published in The African-American West: A Century of Short Stories (University Press of Colorado, 2000). He also had six articles published in a new weekly editorial column, Not on My Watch, in The WAVE Newspapers, the largest African American weekly newspaper in western U.S. The articles are centered on issues of cultural diversity and are titled "The Future Is Now: A Time Capsule for 500 Years From Now," "A Morality Tale: The Legacy of Muhammad Ali," "When Jamal and Shakira Still Can't Read: The Stanford 9 Tests Say It's Time to Wake Up," "A Knocking at Midnight: Who Will Answer the Door?," "Memories of Martin Luther King and the American Dream," and "Hollywood's Enduring Race Indignity: D.W. Griffith Doesn't Deserve the DGA Honor."

Audrey Clark (Family Environmental Sciences) had an article titled "University Administration Careers in Family and Consumer Science" published in The Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences, vol. 92, no. 1, pages 89-94.

Ronald McIntyre (Philosophy) had an article titled "Naturalizing Phenomenology? Dretske on Qualia" published in Naturalizing Phenomenology: Issues in Contemporary Phenomenology and Cognitive Science, edited by Jean Petitot et al. (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1999), pages 429-39.

Rick Mitchell (English) published an article "Community-Based Theater: A Vibrant and Viable Alternative" in The Dramatist, March-April 2000.

Gary Katz (Psychology) had an article titled "Schematic Pitch Coding: A New, More Efficient Method for Measurement of Infant-Directed Speech," co-authored by J.F. Cohn and C.A. Moore, published in the Journal of Infant Behavior and Development, 22 (3), 283-295.

Steven Oppenheimer (Biology) had his journal titled Journal of Student Research Abstracts, vol. 5, 2000, published by Burgess International, Edina, Minnesota. Oppenheimer is editor of the journal that showcases K-12 grade student research.

William Whiting (Kinesiology) co-authored a paper titled "Analysis of Pedestrian Gait and Perception/ Reaction at Signal-Controlled Crosswalk Intersections." The paper was honored by the Transportation Research Board with its 2000 Outstanding Paper Award.

Susan Curzon (Library) had an article titled "When Disaster Strikes: The Fall and Rise of a Library" published in American Libraries, April 2000.

Steven Oppenheimer (Biology) co-authored three poster papers-titled "ph and Charge Effect Sea Urchin Fertilization," "Derivatized Bead Binding to Live and Fixed Cells," and "Molecular Inhibitors of Concanavalin A Bead Binding"-in The FASEB Journal, vol. 14, pages A279, A785.

Deborah Chen (Special Education) and Lavada Minor (Special Education alumna) published an article titled "Lessons from Project PLAI in California and Utah: Implications for Early Intervention Services to Infants who are Deaf-Blind and Their Families" in Deafblind Perspectives.

Robert Chianese (English) had his invited book review of "Verse and Universe: Poems about Science and Mathematics" published in Isis: Journal of the History of Science Society, May 2000.

Barbara Kroll (English) had her 1990 edited volume of "Second Language Writing" translated in Korean and published by Kangnam University Press of Korea.


Staci Bleeker, Anna Trippand Marty Sayles (English) conducted workshops at the Young Black Scholars Symposium at CSUN on March 4. The workshops, geared for high school freshman and seniors, focused on written presentation and preparation for the English Placement Test.

Anthony Dawahare (English) presented a paper titled "Post-War Ethnic Nationalism: the Discourse of Human Rights in the Writings of Jesse Fauset and the Harlem Renaissance" at the 14th annual MELUS Conference at Tulane on March 10. Dawahare also was installed as a member of the Omega Chapter of Phi Beta Delta, an honor society for international scholars at CSUN.

Donald Hall (English) presented a paper titled "Exhibitionism as Professional Practice" at the Cultural Studies Symposium at Kansas State University on March 10.

Marty Sayles (English) presented a paper titled "Parents Without Paddles: Loser Adults Up Dawson's Creek" in March at the SISSI Image of America Conference in Colorado Springs.

Kelly Faulkner (English) presented a paper titled "Training Philosophies: Handbook for Writing: What to Expect Across the Disciplines" at the Northern California Writing Centers Association Conference in Berkeley on February 26.

Sharon Maselli (English) presented her paper titled "Doing Time in Prison: Stories of Chester Himes" at the MELUS 2000 conference in New Orleans, March 9-12.

Rick Mitchell (English) presented a paper titled "Writing on/of the Margins: Community-Based Theater and the Playwriting Classroom" at the Mid-America Theater Conference in St. Louis in March.

W. David Wakefield (Child Development) presented his research investigating African-American adolescents' coping strategies to perceived racial discrimination at the biennial meeting of the Society for Research on Adolescence. He also presented his research investigating the influence culturally diverse communities may have on children's development of racial categories. During the annual meeting of the American Education Research Association in April, Wakefield discussed the education implications of his research.

Jim Hasenauer (Communication Studies) gave a speech titled "The Bicycle: A Small Green Machine" at an academic symposium at the International Cycling Union's centenary celebrations in Paris, France on April 14. The symposium was the first formal event of the centenary and included presentations on the history, cultural significance and environmental benefits of bicycling. The audience included delegates of Olympic-affiliated bicycle racing federations from around the world.

Victor Shaw (Sociology) presented his paper titled "Rural Crime in China" to the annual meeting of the Academy of Criminal Justices Sciences in March in New Orleans. Jonathan Choi (Sociology, graduate student) presented a paper titled "The Relevance of the Differential Association Theory: Drinking by College Students." And Nancy Kantor (Social Psychology, graduate student) presented a paper titled "Victimizing Versus Being Victimized in the New Culture of Victimization: An Analytic Review."

Joyce Linden (Special Education) presented a lecture on speech reading titled "Read My Lips" to the San Fernando Valley Chapter of Self-Help for Hard-of-Hearing (SHHH) and to the Conejo Valley SHHH in Thousand Oaks. Linden also presented a workshop on "The Art of Fingerspelling" to sign language interpreters at Columbus State College in Columbus, Ga., sponsored by the Georgia Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. Linden presented a fingerspelling skill-building workshop to faculty and staff at the Atlanta Area School for the Deaf, and gave a presentation on "The Importance of Fingerspelling in Educational Settings" for faculty and staff at AASD and personnel from surrounding school districts in Atlanta, Ga.

Deborah Chen (Special Education) presented a workshop titled "Cortical Visual Impairment: Linking Information to Strategies" to the Indiana Deaf-Blind Services Project and the First Steps Early Intervention System in Indianapolis, Ind. She also presented a workshop titled "Assessing Infants and Toddlers Who are Deaf-Blind: Strategies for Gathering Essential Information" to the Philip Rock Center Interagency Agreement Committee's spring conference in Napierville, Ill.

Lynn Cook (Special Education) was a presenter in the Teacher Education Showcase session titled "Teaching and Learning in Teacher Preparation: What Do Standards Have To Do With It?" at the International Conference of the Council for Exceptional Children in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Lynn Cook and Wendy Weichel (Special Education) presented "Winning Strategies for Staff Development and Inservice Training" and "Paving the Way to Co-Teaching" at the annual conference of the California Association of Resource Specialists in Los Angeles. endy Weichel (Special Education) also presented "Block Scheduling" at the same conference.

Tony Johnson (University Counseling Services) presented "Vietnam: Causes, Consequences and Cries in the Dark" to peace and conflict studies students at UC Berkeley, May 2000.

Sharon Maselli (English) presented a paper titled "Kate Chopin's Awakening in Contemporary Context" at Marquette University's sixth annual Women's Studies Conference from March 23-25.

Stephanie Satie (English) presented her solo play "Refugees" at Claremont McKenna College and to the Women's Studies Seminar at the Huntington Library.


The National Center on Deafness was awarded a certificate of appreciation by the City of Los Angeles for 36 years of personal and academic service to the deaf and hard of hearing in the community.

Johnie Scott (Pan-African Studies) received a certificate in the pedagogy of creative writing from Antioch University of Southern California for completing post-MFA in Creative Writing work on December 18. He was one of three individuals to earn a certificate in charter class at Antioch University in a program developed and now chaired by Eloise Klein Healy, founding chair of CSUN's Women's Studies Program.

Jean Morrison (Valley Trauma Center) was one of ten women the Los Angeles County Commission on the Status of Women honored with the Women of the Year Award at a luncheon March 13. Morrison was recognized for her work in building cross-cultural understanding and preventing violence against women, youth and children through public interest work. Morrison was the student co-chair of the Commission on the Status of Women at CSUN from 1992-1993. From 1997-1999, she worked as the university's conference coordinator for the Ending Violence Against Women Conference. Morrison currently works as a consultant for the Valley Trauma Center, a university program.

Tobias Gregory (English) received a Mayers Fellowship to work at the Huntington Library in summer 2000. He will study 16th century Italian theory.

Harry Gamboa Jr. (Chicano Studies) received the Flintridge Foundation Award for Visual Arts at the California African-American Museum in Los Angeles on April 3. Gamboa is one of 12 artists to receive the award for his years of work in the visual arts.

Adele Eskeles Gottfried (Educational Psychology and Counseling) has been elected as a Fellow to the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, a division of the American Psychological Association.

Harry Murphy (Disability Resources) received the first Harry J. Murphy Catalyst Award at the CSUN Conference on Technology and Persons with Disabilities. This new award, sponsored by the Trace R & D Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison, acknowledges Murphy's work in bringing people together and facilitating the efforts of others in the field of technology and disabilities.

Scott Giannini, James Bobo, Ray Carroll, Jerry Lebeck, Norm Raymundo and Vicky Stone (CSUN student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers) won second place in the steel bridge competition at the society's regional Pacific Southwest conference in April in Tucson, Ariz. The team qualified to attend the National Steel Bridge Competition in May in Houston, Tex. Civil and manufacturing engineering professor Ed Larson oversaw the bridge design and construction.

Rika Toyama-Gaines (College of Extended Learning) and graphics assistant Hildamerie Reyes received a silver award from the marketing division of the University Continuing Education Association for their design and presentation of a promotional postcard for CSUN's summer session 1999.

Peter Weigand (Geological Sciences) organized the spring field conference of the Far Western Section of the National Association of Geoscience Teachers in April 2000. The conference, hosted by the CSUN Department of Geological Sciences, attracted more than 260 students, middle- and high-school teachers and college instructors.

Stephen Gadomski (Civil and Manufacturing Engineering) was honored as "Faculty Advisor of the Year" for the Los Angeles section of the American Society of Civil Engineers at the annual Younger Member Forum Student Night on May 5.

Lynne Cook (Special Education) was re-elected to a three-year term on the California Teachers Association State Education Council. She was also appointed vice chair of the Faculty Council for CSU Channel Islands and was appointed to the editorial board of Journal of Disability Studies.

Saundra Sparling (Special Education) was elected to a three-year term on the California Teachers Association State Education Council.

Leonard Pitt (History) is the first to receive the Martin Ridge Retrospective Award for his monograph titled "The Decline of the Californios." Originally published in 1966, his monograph was recently reprinted with a new introduction by Richard Griswold del Castillo.

The university Public Relations Department won several honors for its work in this year's awards competition hosted by the Public Communicators of Los Angeles (PCLA). Northridge magazine, designed by Publications Director Randy Thomson, won a first place award of excellence for an external publication with a budget of $15,000 or greater produced by a nonprofit organization. A video profile of the Geography Department, produced last fall jointly by Public Affairs Director John Chandler and Tom Poehlmann in Creative Media Services, received honorable mention recognition in the competition for audiovisual materials. And the CSUN Rising capital campaign logo designed by Publications Director Randy Thomson also won honorable mention recognition in the competition for photography/graphic illustration.

May 30, 2000

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