October 26, 1998 Vol. III, No. 5

Athletic Program Self-Study Plans Draft Report by Year-End

Document Will Evaluate Campus Compliance with 17 NCAA Operating Principles

The university committee conducting an NCAA-required self study of Cal State Northridge's athletic programs has two more meetings slated during the fall semester leading to the scheduled release of a draft report by year-end.

The meetings of the campus' NCAA Self Study Steering Committee are open to members of the public and the campus community, and public input on preparation of the report is encouraged. The upcoming meetings are:

Both sessions are scheduled in President's Conference Room A.

Updated information about the committee's work-including meeting schedules, minutes of meetings and Steering Committee membership-is available on a web site and comments can be submitted via e-mail. The committee's web site is at www.csun.edu /~hfafr002/NCAA.htm. The e-mail address is ncaacom@csun.edu. Under the current plan, the committee expects to issue its draft report for campus and public review by year-end. Then the committee will continue to meet during the spring semester to finalize the report and prepare for an NCAA peer review team visit in May.

The university, along with all NCAA Division I institutions, is mandated to evaluate its compliance with 17 National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) operating principles that are grouped into four broad categories. Those are academic integrity; commitment to equity; fiscal integrity; and governance and commitment to rules compliance.

The committee is chaired by Ann Stutts, dean of the College of Health and Human Development. For additional information, contact committee staff director Jeanette Mann at (818) 677-2077.


October 26, 1998

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