Aug. 31, 1998 Vol. III, No. 1

Campus Launches New, Free Shuttle Bus Service

Two Routes Will Serve Campus Core and North-Main Campus Trips

Cal State Northridge students, faculty and staff will have a new and still-free shuttle bus service starting with the fall semester to ease getting around the university and longer trips between the main and north campuses.

CSUN President Blenda J. Wilson, Vice President of Student Affairs Ron Kopita and Public Safety Department Associate Director Ed Ball held a Monday, Aug. 24 ribbon-cutting ceremony to launch the new dual-route service, which is called the CSUN Campus Circulator.

Route A will circle the campus core, running on five minute headways during the day and 10 minute headways after 5 p.m. Route B, connecting the main and north campuses, will run on 10 minute headways. Both will remain free to students, faculty, staff and campus visitors.

"We're here to celebrate the beginning of a new shuttle bus system," Wilson said at the campus ribbon-cutting ceremony. "This isn't having your car right outside your door, but it's as close as we can get to it," the president added.

The new service, expected to cost between $330,000 and $380,000 in campus parking permit funds this year, replaces a more expensive service that had been funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency from the 1994 earthquake until ceasing that support last spring.

With campus earthquake repairs still underway, CSUN officials said they considered it a priority to continue some type of shuttle service. "We're trying to encourage people to find ways to not get in their cars and drive three or four blocks," Ball said.

The new white shuttles, painted with CSUN's red color, will be run by R & D Transportation Services, which already operates the city-funded West Valley Smart Shuttle service in the surrounding community. The company is using four to five of those buses for its CSUN service.

One major change from last year's campus service is the switch from its larger 52-passenger buses to the new 22-passenger models, which also are wheelchair accessible. Another feature is campus shuttle riders can now purchase 50-cent transfers for outbound trips on MTA buses.

The overall service will run Monday to Thursday from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., and from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Friday. Through a separate bus, the campus service also will continue to connect with all morning and afternoon trains at the Northridge Metrolink train station.

-John Chandler

August 31, 1998

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