May 17, 1999 Vol. III, No. 16



Matt Rosenberg (Geography) has a book titled "Handy Geography Answer Book," that was released by the publisher, Visible Ink Press, and will be sold in bookstores.

Brian van der Westhuizen (Marketing) is the co-author of a new book "Promotional Strategy: Marketing Communications in Practice," published by Juta, South Africa

William Kaempfer and Anton Lowenberg (Economics) authored "Unilateral Versus Multilateral International Sanctions: A Public Choice Perspective," International Studies Quarterly, March 1999, vol. 43, pp. 37-58.

Adele Gottfried (Educational Psychology and Counseling) and James Fleming (Instructional Technology), and Allen Gottfried (Psychology CSU Fullerton) authored "Role of Cognitively Stimulating Home Environment in Children's Academic Intrinsic Motivation: A Longitudinal Study." Child Development, Oct. 1998, vol. 69, no. 5, pp. 1448-1460.

Gary Anderson and Robert Tollison (Economics) authored "Celestial Marriage and Earthly Rents: Interests and the Prohibition of Polygamy," Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 37 (1998): 169-181.

Terry Sweeting (Kinesiology) had a article in the Journal of Teaching in Physical Education, (vol. 18, no. 2, Jan. 1999). The article, "Effects of Direct Instruction and Environmentally Designed Instruction on the Process and Product Characteristics of a Fundamental Skill," was co- authored with Judith Rink, University of South Carolina, Columbia.

Steven Oppenheimer (Biology) co-authored with his students two poster papers presented by his students at the annual national meeting, Experimental Biology '99, Washington, D.C., April 1999: "Charges Molecules Inhibit Fertilization: Rinse Out Experiments," and "Lectin Effects During Sea Urchin Gastrulation." Abstracts of these poster papers were published in FASEB JOURNAL, vol. 13, p. A682 and A355, 1999.

Edward Sampson (Psychology) had a book published, "Dealing With Differences: An Introduction to the Social Psychology of Prejudice," Harcourt Brace, 1999. He wrote several chapters in books that have appeared recently, including 1) "Beyond Construction" In Bayer & Shotter (Eds). "Textual Constructions: Subjectivities and Disciplinary Practices." Sage Publications, 1998, and 2) "The Making, Unmaking and Remaking of a Psychologists" In Bond (Ed.). "In Working at the Interface of Culture: 20 Lives in Social Science." Routledge, 1998.He also delivered the keynote address at the Millennium World Conference on Critical Psychology, held in Sydney, Australia, April 30-May 2. Sampson also will be delivering the keynote address at the InterAmerican Congress of Psychology, to be held in June-July in Caracas (pending funding).

Carrie Saetermoe (Psychology) and students Susan Farruggia and Claudia Lopez wrote a paper titled "Parental Communication Patterns in Families with a Healthy and Disabled Adolescent," which appeared in the Journal of Adolescent Health.

Maura Mitrushina (Psychology) co-authored a book along with Kyle Boone and Louis D'Elia titled "Handbook of Normative Data for Neuropsychological Assessment."

Richard W. Smith (Psychology) had an invited review of the book "Taking It Like a Man: White Masculinity, Masochism and Contemporary American Culture," by David Savran (Princeton Press, 1998). The review appeared in the journal CHOICE, 36, no. 3, pp. 606. Smith also had an invited review of the book "A Nation by Rights: National Cultures, Sexual Identity, Politics, and the Discourse of Rights," by Carl F. Stychin, Temple University, 1998. The review appeared in the journal CHOICE, 36, no. 4, pp. 252.


Peter Weigand (Geological Sciences) presented an invited talk titled "The Conejo Volcanics and the Origin of the Miocene Volcanic Firestorm in Southwest California" to the Coast Geological Society in Ventura on Jan. 19.

Ben Yaspelkis (Kinesiology) chaired a symposium entitled "Effect of Exercise Training on Skeletal Muscle Metabolism" at the Southwest Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine 1998 annual meeting in Las Vegas, NV, from Nov. 13- 14. He also presented a talk at the symposium on "Skeletal Muscle GLUT4 Protein Concentration." Also at this meeting Lily Ansari presented a paper that was co-authored with Erik Ramey, Steven Loy, George Holland and Ben Yaspelkis titled, "Chronic Leptin Administration Improves Insulin-Stimulated Skeletal Muscle Glucose Uptake." Ansari was a finalist for the student award at this meeting. Rick Urbanski also presented a paper that was co-authored with Steven Loy, William Vincent and Ben Yaspelkis on "Effect of Creatine Supplementation on Maximal Strength and Time to Fatigue During Repeated Contractions in Large and Small Muscle Groups." On Dec. 4, Ben Yaspelkis gave a presentation in the department of exercise science at USC titled, "Chronic Leptin Administration on Skeletal Muscle Glucose Uptake and Transport."

Wayne Smith (Business Administration and Economics) presented a lecture Dec. 10 titled "Internet 2: The IT Infrastructure for the Next Millennium" at a meeting of the Los Angeles chapter of the Association of Information Technology Professionals.

Marvin Harden (Art emeritus) exhibited new paintings and drawings at Louis Stern Fine Arts in an exhibition titled "Sunshine and Noir: Art in L.A. 1960-1997," held in conjunction with the UCLA/Armand Hammer Museum, Nov. 7-Dec. 23.

Scott Plunkett (Family Environmental Studies) was a presenter at the annual conference of the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) in Milwaukee, WI, in November. In collaboration with colleagues and students from Oklahoma State University, he made four presentations: "Adolescent perceptions of religious coping and family life satisfaction," "Religion and family as context for adolescent empathy," "Family system and parental behaviors: Is parent adolescent communication a mediating variable?" and "Level of stress as a mediator between detrimental coping strategies and adolescent adaptation." The paper on religious coping strategies was awarded the outstanding student presentation in the religion and families section of NCFR.

Evelyn McClave (English) presented the paper "Cognitive and Interactional Functions of Head Movements in Conversation" at the International Conference on Speech and Gesture in Besancon, France in December. Her paper has been published in the conference proceedings, Oralite et Gestualite. Paris: L' Harrmattan.

Elizabeth Weber and Karen Jones Green (Communication Disorders and Sciences) presented a paper at the 1998 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association convention, Marriott Riverwalk, San Antonio, Texas, on Nov. 20, regarding online applications for clinical education: HyperNews, e-mail and list servers.

Michele Wittig (Psychology) delivered the Wallston Memorial Address at the Southeastern Psychological Association convention in Savannah, GA, on March 19. The title was "Why the Hedgehog Needs the Fox: A Tale of Two Psychologies."

Donna Hardy (Psychology) delivered an invited address in Indianapolis on March 18 for the 1999 central regional conference of the American Association of Zoos and Aquariums. The title of her paper was "Reaching Out to the Non-Zoo-Going Public Through the Use of Rare Domestic Animals."

William Whiting (Kinesiology) presented the keynote address at the inaugural Southern California Conference on Biomechanics at Cal Poly Pomona on April 9. His lecture on "Biomechanical perspectives of musculoskeletal injury" was presented to faculty and students from many California campuses, including CSUN, Long Beach State, USC, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and Pepperdine University.

Terry Sweeting (Kinesiology) gave two presentations at the California Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance state conference held in Monterey on March 12-14. The presentations, titled "Implementing National Standards in Cultural Awareness and Interdisciplinary Programming Through Related Folk Dances" and "Developing Logical Sequence Work in Children's Gymnastics," were co- presented with Peter Werner, University of South Carolina, Columbia.

Alexis Krasilovsky (Radio-TV-Film) gave a paper, "Tenure and Promotion: Glass Slippers in the Ivory Tower," as part of a panel titled "Strategies for Coping and Strategies for Change: Professional Renewal, Personal Renewal, and Advancement in the Lives of Academic Women," at the Midwest Modern Language Association Conference, St. Louis, MO, on Nov. 7. Krasilovsky also served as co-executive producer on "Sistuhs: Mothers, Daughters, Wives," which won the first place documentary award at the Black Cinema Society, Los Angeles.

Donna Driscoll (Accounting & Management Information Systems) presented a paper, "Diffusing Innovation: Applying Activity- Based Costing in Healthcare," at the Decision Sciences Institute.

Gary Katz and Jeffrey Cohn (Psychology) had a poster presentation at the Society for Psychophysiological Research in Denver titled "Emotional Expression: Vocal Acoustic and Psychophysiology," Sept. 1998.

Gary Katz, Raul Valdes-Perez and Jeffrey Cohn (Psychology) presented a paper titled "Systematic Variation of Acoustic Features in Spontaneous Expression of Emotion," at the 11th annual American Psychological Society Conference


Blenda J. Wilson (President) will be receiving an honorary doctorate from Antioch University in early June. She served on the university's board for many years. The degree will be conferred during the inauguration of Antioch's new president, James Hall, who was one of Dr. Wilson's professors during her undergraduate studies at Cedar Crest College.

Marvin Chernoff's (Educational Psychology and Counseling) dramatic comedy, "Chaim's Love Song," which opened in New York City in August 1998, recently closed after completing its 200th performance at the Raymond Greenwald Theater. The play has been accepted for publication by Samuel French Publishers. The play had a five month run earlier in Los Angeles and earned the ADA (Artistic Director's Award) from the Valley Theater League for best original comedy by a playwright in 1998. Opening this spring at the Whitmore- Lindley Theater in NoHo is Chernoff's latest comedy, "Showtime at the Sheldon Pincus Center," a loving nostalgic look at geriatric relationships and old-fashioned Yiddish style theater.

Ann Watkins (Mathematics) won the award for the best contributed paper on statistical education presented at the 1997 annual meeting of the American Statistical Association. Her presentation titled, "Activity-Based Statistics," received the highest audience evaluations.

William Roberts (College of Business Administration and Economics) has been given the 1997 Volunteer of the Year award from the National Association of Federal Credit Unions. He has been a volunteer of the Matadors Federal Credit Union's Board of Directors acting as treasurer for more than 11 years. He received the award last summer at the NAFCU annual volunteers conference in Nashville.

Steven Oppenheimer (Biology) was selected by the National Science Foundation for grant proposal evaluation, REU Sites Program.

Harry Murphy (Center on Disabilities) was honored at the Los Angeles County Commission on Disabilities' seventh annual Access Awards luncheon in October for his achievements and advocacy on behalf of persons with disabilities.

Dhia AlHashim (Accounting & Management Information Systems) chaired the "International Accounting and Harmonization" meeting, and served as the discussant for the "International Accounting" session at the Asian-Pacific Conference on International Accounting Issues.

Robert Barker and Gary Stout (Accounting & Management Information Systems) have been honored by the Board of Editorial Advisers of the Journal of Accountancy for their article, "Roth IRA Planning," which was one of the top-rated articles appearing in the journal during 1998.

Christine Stewart (former CSUN student) was one of two students nationwide awarded the Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowship of $15,000.

Astrid Logan (Commuter Transportation Programs) has been elected to a one-year term as president of the Board of Directors for the Southern California chapter of the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT). In addition, she is beginning a two-year term as regional director for the national Board of Directors of the same organization. ACT is dedicated to the development of effective transportation systems for urban and rural areas.

Raymond Juarez (M.A. Recreation and Administration) received the Bob Alexander Award of a $500 scholarship from the Association of College Unions International, region 15 conference in Sacramento on Nov. 14. The award is given to an outstanding student for exceptional service, dedication and commitment in the field of college unions and student activities.

Sandra Harris (University Counseling Services) received the Distinguished Contribution to Psychology as a Profession Award from the California Psychological Association at the annual convention in San Diego on March 27.

Jerome Seliger (Health Sciences) has joined the Prostate Cancer Research Institute Board of Directors. The institute is a not-for-profit educational and medical research center. Seliger also was featured as one of the keynote speakers at the ninth annual National Breast Center Development Conference, April 29-May 1, at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.

John West (Music) appeared in the Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday, March 21. He was on camera with Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.

Lori Custodero (Music) was hired by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) to write their new publication on early childhood music.

David Whitwell (Music) has returned from a concert on Easter Sunday with the Philharmonic Society Wind Orchestra in Saratov, Russia.

Monica Hall (Alumna) was recognized as the Dietetic Intern of the Year for California by the California Dietetics Association at its April 1999 meeting. Interns from all of California were eligible.

May 17, 1999

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