April 5, 1999 Vol. III, No. 13

Trustees Implement Faculty Wages, Conditions Package

Faculty Union Leadership Responds With Strike Authorization Vote

After the two sides were unable to reach agreement on a new labor contract, Cal State trustees adopted a 5 percent wage increase for the system's 20,000 faculty unit members. But faculty union leaders responded with a strike authorization vote.

The Chancellor's Office last week said CSU campuses continued to operate normally, despite the Sunday, March 28 vote by the California Faculty Association's Statewide Assembly calling for various job actions. Both the CSU and CFA moves were firsts for general economic issues in CSU faculty collective bargaining history.

The trustees' Wednesday, March 17 vote imposed a wage and working conditions package that is somewhat less favorable to faculty than the prior tentative contract agreement reached in January between the two sides. But that package was rejected by CFA members in late February voting.

"The point in time had come where we simply had to take action to raise the salaries of faculty unit employees," said Sam Strafaci, the CSU's interim senior director of human resources. "To continue to allow the bargaining, with no end in sight, to delay the implementation of pay raises to me made no sense."

Faculty unit members soon should begin receiving the extra pay, including a 2.5 percent general salary increase and a 1.5 percent service-based increase for those eligible, both retroactive to October 1998. The merit pool, retroactive to July 1998, was doubled to 40 percent of the total 5 percent package.

While the statewide CFA vote to reject the tentative contract agreement was 57 to 43 percent, the results at CSUN were opposite, with CFA members at Northridge favoring the proposal by a 230 to 21 tally. Thirteen CSU campuses voted against the deal while nine including CSUN favored it.

Meanwhile, CSUN Faculty President Al Kinderman announced that the regular Faculty Senate meeting scheduled for 2 p.m. Thursday, April 15, has been replaced with a planned general faculty meeting to discuss "The Relationship of the Faculty with the CSU Administration."

-John Chandler


April 5, 1999

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