March 15, 1999 Vol. III, No. 12

1999 Staff Recognition Award Recipients

Thirty-Five Years
Knepper, Dorena R. Government Relations
Perry, Charles C. Physical Plant Management
Thirty Years
Campbell, Raymond L. Physical Plant Management
Craig, Jeffrey P. Network Communications
Dawson, Terry R. Physical Plant Management
Fuller, David L. Geography
Kaufman, Lawrence A. Academic Technology
Moreno, Hilda M. Library Technical Services
Provin, Robert W. Geography
Tibbetts, Dennis 0. Engineering & Computer Sciences
Vallaire, Barbara C. Student Health Center
Twenty-Five Years
Angel-Lahr, Annette L, Psychology
Arany, John A. The Career Center
Bell, Charleen J. Accounts Receivable/Collections
Benoit, Ginger C. Facilities Planning
Cichon, Nancy C. Faculty Affairs
Clark, Catherine Physical Plant Management
Dupre, E. Nadean Financial Aid
Garcia, Jessica Office of Human Resource Services
Gearing, Jean A. Office of Human Resource Services
Hekkers, Estelle K. Admissions and Records
Lechuga, Francisco S. Academic Services
Olson, Jeanette L. Fund Accounting
Ringwald, Cynthia R. Admissions and Records
Smith, Brenda A. Payroll Services
Troutman, Linda L. Physical Plant Management
True, Laura G. Admissions and Records
Watkins Jr., William C., Student Affairs
Whitaker, Michelle D. Admissions and Records
Twenty Years
Aghishian, Yervant A. Engineering & Computer Sciences
Avila, Ruben R. Athletics
Charles Jr, John R. Student Development & International Programs
Christy, Marian E. Student Financial Services
Crockette, Barbara L. Theatre
Crowdy-Turner, Beatrice A. Admissions and Records
Delafuente, Oralia R. Admissions and Records
Donabedian, Judith A. Accounts Receivable/Collection
Douglas, David W. Physical Plant Management
Garcia, Rosie Marie Physical Plant Management
Griffin, Janice M. Budget Management
Hilmo, Lydia G. Admissions and Records
Hughes, Lorna G. Chemistry
Kuhn, Patricia A. Music
Larson, Herbert W. National Center on Deafness
Liggett, David L. Geological Sciences
Palmberg, Beverly E. Technology Center
Parham, Joseph N. Library Reference and Instructional Svcs.
Poehlmann, Thomas D. Academic Technology
Ramos, Carlos E. Technology Center
Rein-Bernocco Deonna S. Admissions and Records
Robinson, Martha C. Library
Romero, Raymond Physical Plant Management
Small, Sarah-Jane Business & Industry Services
Soria, Mercedes C. Admissions and Records
Stemm, M. Jacqueline Art
Vardaman, Jan D. Graduate Studies
Whitchuch, Deborah E. Systems & Technology
Worden, Lawrence E. Residential Life & Conference Services
Fifteen Years
Abramson, Laurel F. Family Environmental Sciences
Belcher, Linda E. Physical Plant Management
Brunn, Michael Physical Plant Management
Carlson, Linda S. Philosophy
Castro, Reginald E. Physical Plant Management
Chung, Pei-Jen Engineering & Computer Sciences
Crase, Mark S. Information & Technological Resources/Library
Currin, Susan E. Human Resource Services
Fernandez, Leticia Q. Physical Plant Management
Ferris, Trudy Athletics Department
Givens, Joseph M. Academic Affairs
Gonzales, Debra A. National Center on Deafness
Hendler, F. Russell Library Technical Services
Hosch, Parthenia A. Biology
Hsiung, Gina R. Library
Johnson, Douglas R. Admissions and Records
Langworthy, Irving J. Physical Plant Management
Levy, Stephanie B. Accounts Receivable/Collections
Martinovich, Nicola Journalism
Meehan, Daniel C. Technology Center
Mendoza, Sandra D. Purchasing & Logistical Services
Moore, Diane B. Library Technical Services
Mozena, Elaine Accounts Receivable/Collections
Nader, Gerald A. Education
Ovadia, Debbie N. University Counseling
Padgett, Bruce K. Financial Aid
Pena, Antonia M. Anthropology
Pencoff Jr, Nicholas Financial Aid
Prager, Peter C. Information & Technological Resources/Library
Rivera, Jose L. Engineering & Computer Sciences
Sciortino, Kelly J. History
Shields, Tracy J. Admissions and Records
Sweeters, James B. Art
Taylor, William J. Admissions and Records
Ventuleth, Cindy L Library
Westphal, Linda F. Admissions and Records
Whiteley, Dona M. Purchasing & Logistical Services
Williamson, Mika Human Resource Services
Wood, Charles W. Physical Plant Management
Ten Years
Aguayo, Rechelle V. Communication Disorders & Sciences
Alpert, Joan M. Public Safety
Anderson, Kevin M. Admissions and Records
Barksdale, Rosemarie The Career Center
Barreiro, Vickie Admissions and Records
Baylin, Lisa R. Systems & Technology
Berreitter, Jan A. Technology Center
Biederman, Jerry J. Journalism
Bliman, Howard Student Health Center
Brooks, Michael D. Physical Plant Management
Brown, John R. Biology
Burden, Joan D. Office of Academic Technology
Byars, Gregory S. Physical Plant Management
Calvert, Philip A. Music
Carpenter, Hedy L. Graduate Studies
Clark, Laura J. Library Technical Services
Corral, Moncerrat V. Residential Life & Conference Services
Cruz, Ronald P. Physical Plant Management
Dabbour, Joseph J. LibraryReference and Instructional Svcs.
Daleke, Judi Education
Dibie, Daniele J. English as a Second Language
Dodrill, Donna F. Physical Plant Management
Dowling-Mertz, Deirdre D. Admissions and Records
Edvalson, Thomas D. Physical Plant Management
Elliott, Jennifer H. English
Ellsworth, Vanessa Physical Plant Management
Farzan, Fariba Humanities
Flenniken, Ardis A. Extended Learning
Garcia, Luz Maria Physical Plant Management
Garrett, Steve B. Bookstore
Ghorbani, Marivic N. Library Technical Services
Gonzales, Alexander P. Technology Center
Gonzalez Mendoza, Miguel Residential Life & Conference Services
Green, Janet G. Business Administration & Economics
Greene, James H. Academic Services
Hansford, Denise L. Financial Aid
Hernandez, Sandra Academic Services
Inouye, Emily Facilities Planning
Johnson, Janice D. Technology Center
Johnson, Jodi L. Students with Disabilities Resources
Jones, Linda D. Religious Studies
Kemmerling, Robert G. University Counseling
Kha, Thanh N.T. Student Affairs
Kirkpatrick, Geraldine Resident Life & Conference Services
Lafollette, Donna L. Library Technical Services
Landon, Jeri E. Student Health Center
Leggon, Brenda P. Academic Services
Llanes, Linda L. Technology Center
Maclachlan, Alethia D. Mechanical Engineering
Martinez, Anna L. Physical Plant Management
Metz, Mary T. Student Health Center
Mitter, Narinder P.K. Library Reference and Instructional Svcs.
Muniz, Rosemary Admissions and Records
Newbury, Ann L. The Career Center
Notaro, Julie Admissions and Records
O'Connor, Lawrence C. Public Safety
Ortiz, Isidro Physical Plant Management
Parsa, Shiva Academic Services
Rappe, Kenneth D. Education
Sadafi, Sima Academic Services
Salinas, Roxana Academic Services
Santana, Ernesto Physical Plant Management
Shropshire, Janice E. Library Technical Services
Stambolis, Nicolette L. Communication Studies
Steadman, Michael C. Extended Learning
Tzeng, Phey-Whan Physical Plant Management
Vo, Truyen V. Physical Plant Management
Walsh, Cydney Admissions and Records
Weinberg, Adrianne Financial Aid
White, Jeanne T. Student Develop & International Program
Willis, Eric P. Library Information and Technological Resources
Young, Gary A. Resident Life & Conference Services
Young, Susan B. Financial Aid
Five Years
Ainsworth, Faye M. Arts, Media, & Communication
Aldana, Guadalupe Del Health Sciences
Allen, Vicki M. Student Development & International Programs
Alwerth, George R. Physical Plant Management
Arnold, Dean Information & Technological Resources/Library
Barrett, Cindy A. Engineering & Computer Sciences
Basurto, Catalina Physical Plant Management
Bohannan, Cynthia P. Physical Plant Management
Boutin, Maria A. Education
Boyle, Timothy K. Geography
Burrows, David Network Communications
Canales, Francis R. Physical Plant Management
Cantu, Roland Physical Plant Management
Cantu, Tony Physical Plant Management
Cederbaum, Evelyn J. National Center on Deafness
Chandler, Carmen R. Public Relations
Chavirria, Maria Esther Physical Plant Management
Combs, Sanford A. Health Sciences
Compton, Shyra Financial Aid
Craig, Janice W. Business Administration & Economics
Dane, Jon Physical Plant Management
Darin, Thomas F. Radio-Television-Film
Donato, Rosemary G. Health & Human Development
Dunner, Steven M. Health Sciences
Duran, Armando Academic Services
Dutton, Margo L. Budget Management
Elisondo, Benjamin Jr. Physical Plant Management
Espinosa, Vicente 0. Physical Plant Management
Evangelista, Amaury Engineering & Computer Sciences
Fairchild, William B. Facilities Planning
Figueroa, Hector. Physical Plant Management
Finney, Ryan D. Athletics Department
Floback, Lauree S. Athletics Department
Flores, Douglas Public Safety
Flores, Jesse University Postal Services
Fukuda, Tomoko M. Payroll Services
Garner, Monica Lynn Academic Services
Gil, Jose Luis Physical Plant Management
Grant, Ralph G. Physical Plant Management
Gray, Linda M. Music
Greenfield, Carolyn R. Accounts Receivable/Collection
Guerra, Rosi Extended Learning
Habal, Jocelyn A. Health Sciences
Hanchett, Nichole D. Public Safety
Haran, John M. Public Safety
Harding, Rashawn Learning Resources Center
Haverstock, Frank Technology Center
Henry, James L. Academic Services
Holguin, Helen Payroll Services
Hopper, Eric G. Physical Plant Management
Horton, John B. Systems & Technology
Hsing, Jenny Physical Plant Management
Jackson, Kiera L. Pan-African Studies
Johnson, Lorraine E. Student Health Center
Johnson Henderson Rochelle E. Office of Human Resource Services
Johnson-Majedi, Karla J. College of Engineering & Computer
Kelley, Jennifer Geography
Kroll, John University Relations
Kwan, Lisa Athletics Department
Labarre, Ouida J. Institutional Research
Lafreniere, John T. Family Environmental Sciences
Lam, Tuyet T. Physical Plant Management
Layton, Laura Administration and Finance
Lietz, Stacey R. Family Environmental Sciences
Lopez, Gina Library Technical Services
Lopez-Kraay, Lizabeth Humanities & Linguistics
Lord, Timothy P. Physical Plant Management
Lortscher, James P. Residential Life & University Conferences Svcs.
Loy, Rosalie M. Physical Plant Management
Maack, Stephen C. Institutional Research
Magana, Erasmo Physical Plant Management
Maher, Michael S. Physical Plant Management
Mardis, Judith A. Financial Aid
Martin, John L. Physical Plant Management
Martinez, Mickey Info & Tech Resources/Library
Monreal, Yvonne Student Financial Services
Morales, Marvin Physical Plant Management
Morariu, Pavel Physics & Astronomy
Morrow, Wayne Physical Plant Management
Mounger, Desmond G. University Relations
Mulvey, Brian E. Purchasing & Logistical Services
Newsome, Felicia S. Physical Plant Management
Nunez, Guadalupe Physical Plant Management
Oey, Prudence Urban Studies
Ojeda, Leonides Physical Plant Management
Pacheco, Abel Receiving
Payette, Paul P. Kinesiology
Penades, Joseph Physical Plant Management
Perez, Marco A. Physical Plant Management
Phung, Laura Lau Library Ref & Instructional Sr
Piantek, Julie A. Kinesiology
Portillo, Lidia M. Physical Plant Management
Rex, Michael Public Safety
Rice, Allan R. Kinesiology
Rich, Edward P. Technology Center
Roberts, William W. Business Administration & Economics
Rodriguez, Agripina Physical Plant Management
Rooney, Christopher T. Physical Plant Management
Ryan, L Diane Financial Aid
Salazar, Lucilo Physical Plant Management
Sales, Lancelot Office of Human Resource Services
Sanz De Acedo, Maria L. College of Education
Schlotman, Kenneth K. Physical Plant Management
Smith, Monai D. Academic Services
Sontag, Paulette Suzanne Kinesiology
Sosa, Mary G. Purchasing & Logistical Services
Sowers, Carolynne Kinesiology
Staudt, Loretta A. Education
Strand, Paul Lee Network Communications
Sullivan, William L. Physical Plant Management
Swerkes, Henry V. Kinesiology
Tan, Teddie University Postal Services
Terrazas, Sergio Physical Plant Management
Thompson, Renee L. Physical Plant Management
Tibbetts, Debbie A. Kinesiology
Torres, Heriberto Technology Center
Tucci, Frank L. Physical Plant Management
Uichanco, Mari Accounts Payable
Villegas, Robert University Postal Services
Wells, Leanna Budget Management
Wells, Paul Public Safety
Williamson, John Thomas Receiving
Yi, Klaus Kinesiology
Young, John L. Physical Plant Management
Yu, Jennifer W. University Counseling
Please Note: Your name will appear on your award as listed above, unless you notify Rochelle Johnson, x 2119, of any change prior to Mon., March 22.

March 15, 1999

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