March 1, 1999 Vol. III, No. 11

CSUN Earthquake Reconstruction Update

Oviatt Wings: Construction continues. Access for the large concrete trucks is via Vincennes Street at its intersection with Etiwanda Avenue. This area is likely to be congested and should be avoided if possible. The walkway between the Oviatt site and the now demobilized Engineering Field to the east has been resurfaced and lights have been added for the safety of those using this walkway.

Student Services Center: Construction continues inside the old Administration Building, which is being transformed into the new Student Services Center. Contractor access is to the west at the intersection of Vincennes and Etiwanda. Drivers and pedestrians should avoid this area as much as possible due to congestion and detours. Drivers who cannot avoid this area must use extreme caution.

Etiwanda Avenue: Work is well underway, with all the underground work completed in the new alignment roadway, which is expected to be completed by the end of March. Etiwanda at its intersections with Prairie and Vincennes will be closed for a short period at some time during the next month. Notices will be sent out in advance to minimize impacts. An asphalt pedestrian walkway has been constructed on the east side of the project to allow passage between the Etiwanda site and the Student Services Center site (old Administration Building).

Temporary crosswalks have been established across Etiwanda Avenue, both to the north and to the south of the Etiwanda project site. Pedestrians are advised to use these crosswalks rather than walk in the street. Caution should be exercised when in the vicinity of project fencing and when using pedestrian crosswalks. Because of construction traffic and congestion at the intersections of Etiwanda and Prairie and Etiwanda and Vincennes, drivers are advised to avoid these areas as much as possible. If it is necessary to drive in these areas, drivers must be alert to pedestrian traffic and construction activities.

Sierra Hall: Construction is currently underway on the 3rd and 4th floors, with much work scheduled during the night to minimize noise impacts to academic activities. Removal of the old tiles and asbestos-containing mastic was completed on the 1st floor and part of the 2nd floor before classes resumed this semester. The remainder of this work will be scheduled around academic activities.

Monterey Hall: Construction is well underway for the final phase of this project. Portions of Parking Lot E, to the south of Monterey Hall which serves the University Club, are being used for construction trailers, equipment and material. Piping installation work at the entrance to Parking Lot E has resulted in the closure of this entrance. A temporary driveway has been constructed to allow continued access to the remainder of the parking lot. A pedestrian walkway has been built to accommodate pedestrian traffic around the intersection. Please exercise care when using this walkway or driving into and out of Parking Lot E. The outlet from Lot E to Zelzah Avenue remains closed to the public during construction.

Science Buildings 3 & 4: This project is substantially complete, with final punchlist work underway and scheduled to be completed by the end of February.

University Student Union, Buildings B & C: Repair work began in December and is expected to be completed in March. No impacts to the general campus community are expected. Information above was current as of mid-February.

How to Get Information About CSUN's Earthquake Reconstruction Program

Method Description
Web Page-CSUN homepage,, provides timely information about current and future reconstruction on campus, including alternate routes around construction sites. Linked to the CSUN click on "News & Events," then "Earthquake Reconstruction Update."
Bulletins - To subscribe, e-mail or (818) 677-7717 Provide timely information about current earthquake reconstruction on campus. for questions and/or comments. Provides a forum for reconstruction issues. Response time is one business day.
Information Hotline-(818) 677-5978 Provides timely information about current earthquake reconstruction on campus.
Questions and Comments Hotline -(818) 677-5979 Provides a forum for questions/comments. Response time is one business day.

March 1, 1999

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