February 15, 1999 Vol. III, No. 10

Northridge Has Fourth Largest Enrollment in CSU

Fall 1998 Headcount Dipped Slightly, but Spring 1999 Looking Up

Cal State Northridge ranks as the fourth largest campus in the Cal State system this school year based on fall 1998 enrollment, down from third place a year earlier, according to newly released data from the Chancellor's Office. The change was due to a slight drop in the student population last fall.

CSUN's official headcount in the fall dropped about 1.6 percent to 27,203-roughly the same level as fall 1993 prior to the January 1994 Northridge earthquake. Campus officials said the small decline was due to conscious efforts to enroll a more academically prepared student population.

Meanwhile, preliminary enrollment figures at CSUN for spring 1999 are looking up, with headcount enrollment at 26,290 as of the end of the first week of classes, up 1.2 percent from the same time a year earlier. The official enrollment tally for the semester is not done until after about a month of classes.

The CSU's systemwide enrollment report for fall 1998 ranks the two largest campuses based on enrollment in the same order as the year before: San Diego first with 31,453 students, and Long Beach second with 28,637 students. This fall, San Francisco edged out CSUN for third with 27,446 students.

Systemwide for fall 1998, total CSU enrollment increased 1.9 percent to 350,254, marking the fourth consecutive year the number of students attending Cal State campuses increased and the highest total since 1991.

The increase of 6,475 students this fall over the fall 1997 system total of 343,779 means the CSU has grown by 30,886 students over the past four years -an increase of nearly 10 percent.

"We are now well into Tidal Wave II, and it is important that funding keeps up with enrollment in order to ensure student access to a quality education," said CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed.

Tidal Wave II refers to the anticipated 500,000 additional students expected to seek higher education in California through the next decade, including 80,000 to 100,000 at the CSU.

For fall 1998, enrollment increased at 14 of the 22 CSU campuses. And six campuses-Fullerton, Maritime Academy, Monterey Bay, San Bernardino, San Marcos and Stanislaus-reached their highest ever enrollment levels. Nine other campuses reported their highest enrollment figures since the early 1990s.

As expected, the CSU's newest operating campus, Monterey Bay, experienced the highest percentage growth at 23.5 percent with a 372 student increase to 1,958. The Maritime Academy expanded to 449 students, a 15.7 percent increase.

The next largest percentage increase in enrollment was 7.4 percent at San Marcos with a 347 student gain. Chico grew by 5.2 percent, adding 736 students this fall.

The CSU's full-time equivalent student (FTES) enrollment figure, which counts students based on the percentage of credits they take toward a full 15-credit load, increased by about 2.1 percent from 266,887 to 272,604.

The CSU has the largest enrollment of any senior higher education system in the country, including students from every state in the nation and from more than 100 different countries. Students from minority groups represent more than half of the CSU enrollment.

-John Chandler

CSU Headcount Enrollment
Fall '98 vs. Fall '97, ranked by % change
Campus'97 Headcount'98 Headcount% n
Monterey Bay1,5861,95823.50%
Maritime Acad. 38844915.70%
*Dominguez Hills10,70412,05412.60%
San Marcos4,6785,0257.40%
Los Angeles19,16019,7323.00%
Long Beach27,80928,6373.00%
San Diego30,59331,4532.80%
San Bernardino13,28013,6002.40%
San Francisco26,98227,4461.70%
San Jose26,89726,628-1.00%
San Luis Obispo16,73516,296-2.60%
Int'l ProgramsN/A450 N/A
Systemwide 343,779 350,254 1.90%
*Prior to 1998, Dominguez Hills data did not include Statewide Nursing Program, which represents 1,477 headcount.
Source: CSU Chancellor's Office


February 15, 1999

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