February 1, 1999 Vol. III, No. 9

President Wilson Announces Raises for 383 Staff Employees

Cal State Northridge President Blenda J. Wilson announced that 383 university staff members will receive special pay raises under the fourth year of a staff merit pay plan.

Those who earned the Performance Salary Increase (PSI) awards, out of about 1,100 eligible employees, mostly received the raises starting with their regular November paycheck posted at the start of December, as well as back pay because the raises are retroactive to July 1.

Campus officials said the value of the raises this year totaled about $330,000. But the amounts also become part of employees' base pay for the future. The PSI program applies to eligible CSUN staff members represented by unions in eight covered bargaining units.

For employees in five of those units-Unit 1 (Physicians) and California State Employees Assn. Units 2, 5, 7 and 9-the suggested increases were approximately 2, 3 and 4 percent, based on three different levels of exemplary work performance, campus officials said.

For Unit 6 (Skilled Trades) members, the suggested increases were about 2, 3 and 5 percent. Meanwhile, Unit 8 (Public Safety) members could receive one- two- or three-step increases, each approximately worth 2.5 percent.

Employees in Unit 4 have not been granted PSIs, as the CSU and the Academic Professional of California are at impasse in the collective bargaining process and no agreement has been reached yet for this year.

Although the exact procedures vary among different bargaining units, staff members typically were nominated in writing by their supervisors, with deans and other supervisors recommending the actual award levels to the vice presidents and president.

The merit raises, which total about 20 percent of each bargaining unit's total compensation pool for the year, are in addition to the regular general salary increases for all represented employees and service-based increases for eligible ones granted this year.

A new component of the program this year for Units 2, 5, 7, and 9 includes the possible granting of a one-time bonus payment up to 2.5 percent of the annual salary of the employee. The program-which is available to employees holding positions in which they are being paid at the top of their salary range-was negotiated between CSEA and the CSU.

Academic Affairs
Aguayo, Rechelle VComm. Disorders & Studies
Alvarado, Ramon JLibrary Access Services
Ankeny, Mary AUndergraduate Studies
Atienza, Cheryl ACollege of Education
Avila, Paulette RCollege of Extended Learning
Az-Javaheri, Janet MChemistry
Barrett, Cindy ACollege of Engr. & Comp Sci.
Barrett, Richard NCollege of Extended Learning
Bereny, Laurie JAdmissions and Records
Berggren, Kate ECollege of Extended Learning
Berkeland, Karen CLibrary Technical Srvs.
Berman, Jessica LAcademic Resources
Bernstein, Nancy REnglish
Bowden, StephanieCol. of Social & Behavior Sciences
Bradford, Katherine GGraduate Studies
Brenneman, Sally BLibrary Ref & Instructional Srvs.
Brown, Sheila MFamily Environmental Sciences
Browne, Sandra LMusic
Brownlee, Suzan LAdmissions and Records
Bryant, Janis LCollege of Arts, Media & Commun.
Bryant, Michael DRadio, T.V., Film
Carlson, Linda SPhilosophy
Carter, Brenda MAdmissions and Records
Cekosh, Carol AMathematics
Chew, Karol LAnthropology
Chung, Pei-JenCollege of Engineering & Comp. Sci.
Clark, Laura JLibrary Technical Srvs.
Clement, Julie EMathematics
Collins, BarbaraSociology
Cousin, Felicia DLibrary Access Services
Craig, Janice WManagement Science
Crockette, Barbara LTheatre
Cudiamat, Alicia TAdmissions and Records
Demuth, Cynthia JAdmissions and Records
DeSantis, JoannJournalism
Dhruv, Rasmita APsychology
Diaz, GuadalupeCollege of Humanities
Dillon, Dennis STheatre
Downes, Kathleen KAdmissions and Records
Dunham, Joyclyn DLibrary Administration
Fabre, Guy RMusic
Fernandez, ManuelBiology
Flenniken, Ardis ACollege of Extended Learning
Gaines, Olivia ME&CS-Student Dev. & Equity Center
Gamon, Sally MComputer Science
Gately, Reaven JAdmissions and Records
Geth, Yvonne DLibrary Access Services
Gharakhanian, LindaPhysics & Astronomy
Giles, Bonnie GCol. of Health & Human Development
Givens, Joseph MAcademic Affairs
Goethals, Marie ICollege of Extended Learning
Gomez, Judith JGeography
Gonzalez, JinaEducational Opportunity Program
Gottlieb, Lori DAdmissions and Records
Green, Janet GAccounting & Management Info Sys.
Green, Rashawn HLearning Resource Center
Harrigan, M MaryPolitical Science
Harris, Cynthia DPolitical Science
Hendriks, Mary PRadio, T.V., Film
Henry, Emil PCollege of Engineering & Comp Sci.
Hernandez, SandraAdmissions and Records
Hilmo, Lydia GAdmissions and Records
Hlinka, Barbara CInstitutional Research
Houck, D BrianBiology
Hurley, Robert ERadio, T.V., Film
Johnson, MarilynCol. of Bus. Admin & Economics
Johnson-McMillin, Geraldine ADepartment of Art
Jones, DoloresCol. of Social & Behavior Sciences
Kiapos, Laiani KAdmissions and Records
Krohmer, William HBiology
Kuhn, Patricia AMusic
Kysar, Margaret RReligious Studies
Lafreniere, John TFamily Environmental Sciences
Larkin, Deirdre MFamily Environmental Sciences
Lau, Laura LamLibrary Administration
Linton, Rita LCollege of Humanities
Lopez, Evelyn ECollege of Science & Mathematics
Lord, Patricia RAdmissions and Records
Manning, Gina JHealth Sciences
Martinez, RosalieAdmissions and Records
Martinovich, NicolaJournalism
McClelland, Cheryle AComm. Disorders & Studies
McFarland, Michael ELibrary Administration
McIntyre, Jane EDepartment of Art
McLeish, Margaret ALibrary Technical Srvs.
Miranda, Caroline GCollege of Extended Learning
Mitter, Narinder P KLibrary Access Services
Miyagawa, Barbara TSociology
Morariu, PavelPhysics & Astronomy
Moreno, Hilda MLibrary Technical Srvs.
Moreno Jr, Alfred JCollege of Education
Morton, Vicki LJournalism
Mueller, Susan LHistory
Newcomb, Linda AAdmissions and Records
Nguyen, Anthony VCollege of Education
Nguyen, Stephanie TCollege of Humanities
Olsen, Janice SCol. of Social & Behavior Sciences
Olson, BethanyMarketing
Paragas, Susan SCol. of Health & Human Dev.
Parham, Joseph NLibrary Access Services
Parker, Maralyn GCollege of Arts, Media & Commun.
Pena, Antonia MAnthropology
Perez, Scott LGraduate Studies
Pohl, KathleenElectrical & Computer Engineering
Primm, Karen SAdmissions and Records
Provin, Robert WGeography
Rappe, Kenneth DDeaf Studies
Reed, Jan EAdmissions and Records
Rienbolt, Janet KAdmissions and Records
Ringwald, Cynthia RAdmissions and Records
Rosas, RosalieCollege of Education
Roy, Linda EAdmissions and Records
Salazar, Dolly AKCSN Radio
Sanchez, ChristineAdmissions and Records
Sawchuk, Sally AComputer Science
Schaaf, Stacey SGeological Sciences
Sciortino, Kelly JHistory
Scott, Susan MGeography
Shojinaga, Grace TLibrary Administration
Simon, Nong HLibrary Access Services
Sindayen, Jane PKinesiology
Sluter, Catherine CLibrary Technical Srvs.
Smith, Dianne LDepartment of Art
Smith, Frances ASpecial Education
Spengel, RichardCol. of Science & Mathematics
Stambolis, Nicolette LCommunication Studies
Stamper, Tina KSpecial Education
Staudt, Loretta ASpecial Education
Sweet, Paula ESecondary Education
Tacsik, Kristine MGeography
Tauber, Maria LVentura Campus
Tellez, ArmandoCollege of Engr. & Comp. Sci.
Tilley, Rosilynn ECollege of Education
Todd, Julie DEnglish
Toyama Gaines, RikaCollege of Extended Learning
Trigg, Cindy LMarketing
Ulisse, Cynthia FVentura Campus
Volbeda, Janice LBiology
Volker, Debbie KCollege of Extended Learning
Wakelee, Daniel WVentura Campus
Westphal, Linda FAdmissions and Records
Whitaker, Michelle DAdmissions and Records
Widelitz, Susan EElementary Education
Wigfall, Renate ECollege of Arts, Media & Commun.
Wigfall, Renate EKCSN Radio
Williams, Julie KEducational Opportunity Program
Wolfbauer, Heidi SCol. of Bus.Admin. & Economics
Yonce, Corrine ABiology
Young, Susan RCollege of Health & Human Dev.
Administration & Finance
Aguirre, Joseph SPhysical Plant Management
Altman, Claire IPhysical Plant Management
Alwerth, George RPhysical Plant Management
Amaya, Maria EstherPhysical Plant Management
Amezcua, CarmenPhysical Plant Management
Arvanitis, Susan SPhysical Plant Management
Babers, Oscar WPhysical Plant Management
Barker, Michelle RStudent Financial Services
Barron, Gerardo MPhysical Plant Management
Basurto, CatalinaPhysical Plant Management
Bell, Charleen JAccounts Receivable/Collections
Benoit, Virginia CFacilities Planning
Berry, MichaelOffice of Human Resource Services
Bohannan, Cynthia PPhysical Plant Management
Breazile, Richard SPhysical Plant Management
Brooks, Michael DPhysical Plant Management
Campbell, Raymon LPhysical Plant Management
Canales, Francis RPhysical Plant Management
Cantu, Steve MPhysical Plant Management
Caravaggio, TommasoPhysical Plant Management
Carrillo, Hector JPhysical Plant Management
Castro, Reginald EPhysical Plant Management
Chacon, Gary APhysical Plant Management
Chen, Man LiPhysical Plant Management
Citizen, Cecilea MPhysical Plant Management
Creal-Rooney, Christopher TPhysical Plant Mgmt.
Culanding, Conchita GPhysical Plant Management
Cummings, Patricia AFacilities Planning
Davila, EdwinPhysical Plant Management
Dole, Carl KPhysical Plant Management
Dove, StevenPhysical Plant Management
Dunlap, Alfred FPhysical Plant Management
Edvalson, Thomas DPhysical Plant Management
Espinosa, Cathryn APurchasing & Logistical Services
Fair, Valerie SPhysical Plant Management
Finley, Debra BPurchasing & Logistical Services
Forsythe, Jacqueline BAssoc. Students' Accounting
Fukuda, Tomoko MPayroll Services
Garcia, Eugene BSystems & Technology
Garcia, JessicaOffice of Human Resource Services
Gausman, Jennifer EStudent Financial Services
Gearing, Jean AOffice of Human Resource Services
Gershon, RhondaOffice of Human Resource Services
Gladden, Deborah APhysical Plant Management
Gonzalez, GermanPhysical Plant Management
Granillo, Ernie JPhysical Plant Management
Granillo, Jean EStudent Financial Services
Green, Howard MPhysical Plant Management
Haberkorn, Paul JPhysical Plant Management
Holmes, Carolyn APayroll Services
Hopper, Eric GPhysical Plant Management
Horton, John BSystems & Technology
Ivory, PearllenaPhysical Plant Management
Johnson, Darryl RPhysical Plant Management
Johnson, DonettaBudget Planning & Management
Lopez, RubenPhysical Plant Management
Lord, Timothy PPhysical Plant Management
Lumowa, Paula LAccounts Receivable/Collections
Mansoor, George HSystems & Technology
Manzella, ToniPhysical Plant Management
Martinez, Anna LPhysical Plant Management
Martinez, ElviraPayroll Services
McConville, Brian JPhysical Plant Management
McHugh, Angela MAccounts Receivable/Collections
Mendoza, Jose AntonioPhysical Plant Management
Morgan, ElmaPhysical Plant Management
Monreal, YvonneStudent Financial Services
Morrow, Wayne Physical Plant Management
Orellana, Daniel MPhysical Plant Management
Ortiz, IsidroPhysical Plant Management
Osgood, Ronald CPhysical Plant Management
Palley, Lisa CFacilities Planning
Pampliega, Cornelio VPhysical Plant Management
Pedesky, Kurt APhysical Plant Management
Penades, JosephPhysical Plant Management
Perry, Charles CPhysical Plant Management
Perry, NovanacheaStudent Financial Services
Pirchio, Roy AAssociated Students' Accounting
Pitts, Jesse LPhysical Plant Management
Ramsey, Arthur LPhysical Plant Management
Rensleau, Patrice AFinancial Reporting & Sys
Rodriguez, Ruben EUniversity Postal Services
Sales, LancelotOffice of Human Resource Services
Santana, ErnestoPhysical Plant Management
Shideh, Maureen TFacilities Planning
Shreve, Dawn VCampus Counsel
Shrum, Lonnie RPhysical Plant Management
Simon, Roland MPhysical Plant Management
Snyder, Susan DSystems & Technology
Sullivan, William LPhysical Plant Management
Terrazas, SergioPhysical Plant Management
Valiensi, James PPhysical Plant Management
Villegas, RobertUniversity Postal Services
Weston, Jeff MPhysical Plant Management
White, Jerry BPhysical Plant Management
White, MichaelPhysical Plant Management
Young, John LPhysical Plant Management
Information & Technology Resources
Actis, Cristina LInstructional Technology
Burrows, DavidCommunication Services
Caulk, William RApplications Development
Chan, Philip DApplications Development
Chin, Collin KApplications Development
Choo, Lee KInstructional Technology
Colburn, Linda DResource Management
Dhruv, Akshay NServer Group
Foster, Donald B Server Group
Hillbruner, Anthony J Instructional Technology
Johnson, Gail SInstructional Technology
Johnson, Janice DResource Management
Johnson, Jeri LResource Management
Jollivette, Frank JDesktop & Mobile Computing
Kaufman, Lawrence AInstructional Technology
Kay, DaveenApplications Development
Manucharyan, OvanesServer Group
Perez, NancyResource Management
Poehlmann, Thomas DInstructional Technology
Reed, Tina DInstructional Technology
Schauer, Julie MCommunication Services
Strand, Paul LeeCommunication Services
Trask, William SDesktop & Mobile Computing
President's Area
Hall, Joan ROffice for Equity & Diversity
Student Affairs
Abundiz, Yolanda CPublic Safety
Anderson, Barbara MNational Center on Deafness
Anscombe, Floyd WStudent Health Center
Anthony, Douglas MResident Life & Univ. Conf. Serv.
Archer, Dana VPublic Safety
Avila-Robison, Cecille AStudent Affairs
Banks, Alisa LStudent Outreach & Recruitment
Baron, Mollie AnnStudent Health Center
Behnke, Kirk DCenter on Disabilities
Blaine, Keith AResident Life & Univ. Conf. Serv.
Bliman, HowardStudent Health Center
Brautman, Lee RStudent Health Center
Brown, Marilyn AResident Life & Univ. Conf. Serv.
Buchman, John UStudent Health Center
Buslon, Magdalena GStudent Health Center
Bustamante, Maria MFinancial Aid
Chen, JackiePublic Safety
Cohn, LesterStudent Health Center
Coleman, William RStudent Health Center
Cope, JoliebethPublic Safety
Darden, Sandra CStudent Health Center
Decker, Teri JNational Center on Deafness
Duffy, Nancy AUniv. Counseling Svcs. & Testing Cntr.
Edick, Stanley BStudent Health Center
Espinoza-Jauregui, RosaOutreach & Recruitment
Ferris, TrudyIntercollegiate Athletics
Finney, Ryan DIntercollegiate Athletics
Floback, Lauree SIntercollegiate Athletics
Forstall, Debbie AStudents w/ Disabilities Resources
Garcia, Fred APublic Safety
Garcia, Howard AIntercollegiate Athletics
Gates, Eileen SStudent Health Center
Gin, Philip MResident Life & Univ. Conf. Serv.
Gioannetti, Karen JU. Counseling Svcs. & Test. Cntr.
Gobble, Lucinda Student Outreach & Recruitment
Goodson, Kathy ANational Center on Deafness
Gordon, Kristal SStudent Health Center
Hanchett, Nichole DPublic Safety
Hayter, Helen RNational Center on Deafness
Huber, MaryanneNational Center on Deafness
Hudson, Julie MResident Life & Univ. Conf. Serv.
Jacob, Darrick RPublic Safety
Johnston, Steven LPublic Safety
Keller, NicoleEnvironmental Health & Safety
Kha, Thanh N TStudent Affairs
Kilmer, Kathryn LFinancial Aid
Komjenovich, DebraNational Center on Deafness
Kwan, LisaIntercollegiate Athletics
Landeta, Ederlina PStudent Health Center
Landon, Jeri EStudent Health Center
Lizarraga, LourdesResident Life & Univ. Conf. Serv.
Logan, Astrid BCommuter Transportation Program
Lortscher, James PResident Life & Univ. Conf. Serv.
Madjid, DianeCenter on Disabilities
Mardis, Judith AFinancial Aid
Martin, Laurie AStudent Health Center
McGee, Irene KResident Life & Univ. Conf. Serv.
McIntire, Marina LNational Center on Deafness
Mennen, Joseph OStudent Health Center
Metz, Mary TStudent Health Center
Nisgore, Karen LStudent Health Center
O'Connor, Lawrence CPublic Safety
Olson, Mary AnnFinancial Aid
Ortego, Robert WStudent Health Center
Pencoff Jr, NicholasFinancial Aid
Phillips, E LehuananiNational Center on Deafness
Redman, Janet GStudent Health Center
Reeves, Stephen BResident Life & Univ. Conf. Serv.
Reichbach, Amy BStudent Health Center
Richards, Robert ECenter on Disabilities
Roberts, Sharon JStudent Health Center
Roth, Guadalupe SFinancial Aid
Santoro, Jane LStudent Health Center
Sletten, Eric GStudent Health Center
Steinberg, Jeffrey MStudent Health Center
Tayahua, EmiliaStudent Health Center
Wade, Phyllis MIntercollegiate Athletics
Watson, KenyaIntercollegiate Athletics
Willette, DoloresStudent Health Center
Young, Gary AResident Life & Univ. Conf. Serv.
Yu, Jennifer WU. Counseling Svcs. & Testing Cntr.
University Relations
Chandler, John FUniversity Relations
Griffith, Amy LUniversity Relations
Ramirez, Dorothy MUniversity Relations
Wetherby, Barbara JUniversity Relations


February 1, 1999

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